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  This website is about our labradoodles, Cass, an amazing F2 and our lovely F3 Sadie, who is    Cass's daughter and Rosie an F4, who is Cass's granddaughter and Daisy an F5 who Cass's great granddaughter.

 About Cass..

 Cass was born in Somerset on the 1st February 2007. Cass's mum is a lovely F1 called Poppy and dad is the handsome F2 Cosmo. We spent 9 months researching and waiting to find the right breeder.We even went to Wales to look at a puppy but unfortunately that wasn't the right puppy for us. So we persevered and eventually we heard about Poppy’s and Cosmo's litter and were able to go and visit the pups at 3 weeks of age. Cass was one of 9 adorable puppies. So we finally found exactly what we were looking for, but then came the agonising wait until we could take Cass home at 8 weeks of age.

Cass became an instant hit with family and friends, apart from the head of the house, our 12 year old cat, Stretch, ( who had never shared the house with any animals before ).

Over the next couple of months Cass got told off several times by Stretch, but then I think Stretch decided she could stay.

Cass had all her health tests carried out ( hips/elbows scored and eyes tested ) and had her 1st litter of puppies on the 14th October 2009, she had an amazing litter of 14 healthy puppies, 8 girls and 6 boys, she was a fantastic mum and the puppies have grown into stunning doodles. She had her 2nd and final litter on the 20th January 2011, she had 6 girls and 4 boys, Cass has now been spayed and is enjoying being a greatgranny.

Cass, F2 standard labradoodle

About Sadie..

Sadie was born on the 14th October 2009, she was the girl that we decided to keep

from Cass's 1st litter, she was one of 14 stunning puppies.

Sadie is an F3 multi-gen, her dad is an F3 cream doodle. Sadie has the most wonderful temperment and just adores having cuddles. Sadie has had all her health tests carried out

( hips/elbows scored and clear eye tests ) she had her 1st litter of puppies on the 27th September 2012, she had 10 healthy puppies, 9 boys and 1 girl. Sadie had her 2nd and final litter on the 8th February 2014, 6 healthy puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls.

Sadie, an F3 multi-gen labradoodle

About Rosie..

Rosie was born on the 27th September 2012, she is Sadie's daughter and her dad is a miniature Australian doodle. Rosie was one of 10 stunning puppies, she was the only girl in the litter and as her character developed over the weeks, she turned out to be very much like her mum. She absolutely loves cuddles

( again just like her mum) and is such a good girl, although does like to greet most people with a very loud hello, just so everyone knows she's here! She absolutely adores her mum and granny. Rosie had her 1st litter of puppies on the 13th February 2015, she had 3 girls and 2 boys. She is such a good mummy and has been absolutely brilliant teaching the puppies all they need to know, especially their manners. She has just had her second and final litter on the 18th June 2016, she had 7 gorgeous puppies ( 5 boys and 2 girls ) she is a very proud mummy.

Rosie, a 50/50 F4 multi-gen labradoodle  

About Daisy..

Daisy was born on 18th June 2016, she is Rosie's daughter and her dad is a gorgeous medium cream/apricot F4 doodle. She was one of 7 stunning puppies, 2 girls and 5 boys. Daisy has grown into such a confident bundle of fun, she absolutely adores her mum, granny and great granny and just loves going for walks with them all.

Daisy, an F5 multi-gen labradoodle

The gang - Sadie, Rosie, Cass, Daisy and Eddie

RIP Stretch

26th May 2011  

But when there is a cuddle involved, Stretch makes sure he gets there ( Cass can't steal all the cuddles, now can she? ) 

About us..

We live in Bedfordshire England, and our family consists of myself (Trish), I'm a part time admin assistant at our local school, and my husband (David) who is a LGV driver. We have two son's, David age 20 and Daniel who is 19 and a variety of animals such as gerbils, fish and of course the head of the house, Stretch our cat ( who has sadly now passed away ) We are very lucky to have some lovely places near us that the gang love to go walkies in, such as Ampthill, Houghton Hall Park, Stockgrove Country park and Barton Springs plus many more.

This is Cass's first bit of bling!

***Pets As Therapy***

May 2009

 We are delighted to say that Cass is now an official PAT dog, she had an assessment about 4 weeks ago which she passed. She received her badge and certificate.

Already to support the boys during their

football match

26th September 2010

Cass and Sadie

relaxing in the bluebells


Cass and her best friend


Enjoying the sunshine at Houghton Hall Park

22nd May 2010

Spot the doodle lol

Come on David! throw the ball


Cass and Sadie

( nearly tripping over her tongue lol )


Just Chillin


Cass on her 3rd Birthday


Waiting for Santa Claus

Christmas 2011

Best Friends

(Daniel and David having a cuddle with Cass in the garden)


Cass, like most doodles we have met, has a fantastic, gentle nature, and loves meeting new people and of course new doggie friends. Big or small, she just wants to say hello to everything, as you can see from the picture, even the smallest member of our family, our son's gerbil, gets a very careful hello from Cass.


Cass meeting two old boys in London


Trying out the boys hat,

just to see if it fits


Cool Doodle

24th August 2009

All nice and cool after her new haircut

Cuddle Time

Halloween 2009

Our escaping skeleton pumpkin

Halloween 2009

Cass getting in the christmas spirit ( Dec 2009 )


Jelly and Sadie, Cass's daughters


Cass, Sadie and Jelly (24th March 2010)


Sadie and Jelly trying to keep up with mum

Jelly, Sadie and Cass all ready for home after their doodle meet

Happy Christmas from Cass and Sadie

Christmas 2010

Trick or Treat time

Halloween 2011

Cass and Sadie showing off their new Halloween Bandanas


Our Halloween pumpkin 2011

Dad I think you need a bigger car!

Cass, Sadie, Mac and Poppy

Rosie, Sadie, Cass, Mac and Ozzy


Ready for the park

Eddie, Poppy, Rosie, Cass and Sadie

Rosie and Acer ( on sofa )

Mac, Sadie and Cass in front

31st August 2013

Jess, Cass, Rosie and Sadie

September 2013

Family pose - Right to left,

Cass with her daughter Sadie, her son Alfie and her grandson Ozzy and her grand daughter Rosie

Rosie, Sadie, Eddie, Muffin, Cass and Poppy

Christmas 2013

Our pretty girls

Easter 2014

Our little devil, a little cute pumpkin and a sweet witch

Halloween 2015

Our Christmas gang

Cass, Sadie, Rosie, Marmaduke, Eddie, Dexter and Poppy

Christmas 2015

Cruella Da Doodle

Rosie celebrating World Book day, March 2016

Happy Christmas 2016 from Cass, Eddie, Rosie, Sadie and Daisy

Easter 2017

Proudly wearing their Poppy bandanas for Remembrance Sunday

November 2017

Our Christmas Nativity Scene

Trying to work out who has the longest tongue, I think!

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