Baileys ( Millie )

Millie The Labradoodle



Baileys now known as Millie

Baileys was such a sweetie and was so much like Sadie in her character, she was

always so happy to see everyone and her tail was constantly wagging and like Sadie

she loved to show everyone her belly lol

Baileys @ 6 days old

Baileys @ 4 weeks old

Baileys @ 6 weeks old

8 Weeks Old

Baileys went to her new home in Eaton Bray on the 22nd of March 2011 and will now be known as Millie. I know her lovely new family are going to have such a fun time with her and because she lives not far from us, hopefully we will get to see her often.

Looking very relaxed in her new home

4 Months Old

Anyone for table tennis?

Can I help with the gardening?

17th February 2012

It was so lovely to see Millie again when she came to join in our doodle walk. She also got to meet some of her other brothers and sisters as well. She has turned into a beautiful

looking girl and has keep her lovely dark apricot colour.

Millie, Cass, Sadie and Lexie

Millie and her sister Lexie


Millie certainly looks happy


What a pretty girl Millie is

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