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1st September 2014





***Click on the pictures to see how the puppies

    are getting on in their new homes***


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Baileys (Millie)


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Becks (Toby)


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Brandy (Mandy)


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Bud (Mac)


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Hooch (Milo) 


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Sherry (Molly) 


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Stella (Daisy)


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Tia (Lexie)


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Whiskey (Custard)


Below is an account of our time with the puppies from when they were born to when they left for their new homes.



2nd April 2011

It seems very quite here now that the puppies have gone to their new homes, we do miss them, but we know they have all gone to lovely homes and we look forward to keeping in touch with them all and watching the puppies grow.



22nd March 2011

We have 2 puppies here now, Baileys went home today, Brandy goes to her new home on Friday and Bud goes home on Saturday, it really seems so strange here now they have nearly all gone! Although Cass and Sadie are having a great time, no more getting beaten up by 10 puppies lol


Brandy relaxing with mum


Bud loves playing with Cass


Bud and Brandy, now have mum all to themselves


Brandy, getting bigger


Bud looking very handsome


19th March 2011

8 Weeks old

We are having a very busy and sad few days as the puppies are now leaving for their new homes. So at the moment we have only 4 puppies left, it seems so quite here now lol We will miss them all so much, as they are such characters lol


Baileys loves climbing on the chair


Miller getting absolutely hugh lol


I think Tia is about to topple over lol


Sleep time for some of the gang


They all enjoy testing out the crate


Click on the link to see all of the gang enjoying playtime with

Cass and Sadie

8 Weeks old

YouTube Video


13th March 2011

The puppies had a great time yesterday afternoon, when they had their first explore and play in the garden. Some were a bit unsure at first, but then they went mad and were running about all over the place lol


Here's Tia making a run for it!


Bud taking it all in


Miller and Stella


Hooch and Whiskey


Becks copying his big sister


Bud ready for take off!


Sherry and Bud


Where has everyone gone? (Brandy)


Baileys being a typical doodle and bouncing on two feet lol


Click on the link to see the puppies having fun in the garden

with Cass and Sadie

7 Weeks old

YouTube Video


Click on the link to see the puppies having fun with Sadie

5 Weeks old

YouTube Video


11th March 2011

Friday night is BATH night, so we have 10 not very amused puppies lol

They have also had their nails trimmed, so now they have nice short nails and they smell lovely, I wonder how long that is going to last!


Escape Time!


Not very happy!


Who's going to be the first to jump?


10th March 2011

7 Weeks old

It is hard to believe that in another week the gang will be ready to leave for their new homes, they have gotten so big and so active lol They are certainly keeping Cass and Sadie busy! They have a little play around and then they sit on the sofa, away from those sharp teeth, the puppies love hanging of Cass and Sadie's ears, tail, paws, well anything they can get their teeth into really lol.


Bud getting a close up look at just how sharp mum's teeth are!


Sadie thinks it's safer on the sofa lol


Brandy and Baileys having a wrestle, while mum keeps an eye on things


Whiskey looking very innocent, but she's just been caught

in the cupboard!


Hooch, Whiskey and Baileys saying hello to mum


Tia, Stella and Hooch, who is trying to pull Cass's ear off!


Will you play with us?

Becks, Bud and Sherry 


5th March 2011

The puppies have had a very busy day today, they have had their daily brushing, ear checking, which most think means playtime lol, they have also had their 3rd day treatment of worming and they also ventured a bit further today, they explored the hallway and the kitchen. Although most tiring of all was posing for their new pictures lol


4th March 2011

6 Weeks old

It is hard to believe it has been 6 weeks since the puppies were born, seeing them now, playfighting together, running up and down the living room floor it's hard to imagine that when they were born they fitted in our hand! They have all got such individual characters and are certainly keeping us busy. They have just had their 6 week course of worming and as usual they weren't happy about it lol


What do you mean chewing? I'm not chewing 

anything! ( Miller )


Brandy showing off her very sharp teeth


Which toy shall I have today? ( Hooch )


Sherry wants to play with Sadie




Tia getting a kiss from mum


Whiskey getting a kiss from Brandy 


Baileys, Sherry and Bud saying hello to mum


Miller and Whiskey


28th February 2011

The puppies are now having some time out to play around the livingroom everyday, they love chasing Sadie around lol Cass sits on the chair and watches to make sure they are all behaving themselves. They are doing really well with their toilet training, although they absolutely delight in ripping the paper to shreds, sometimes you can hardly even put it down, before it is attacked lol 


Stella, Tia, Brandy and Becks wondering how to get

 out to the hallway.


Hello mum! 


Becks ready to play


Here's Hooch having a rest


Not bedtime yet......please

Baileys, Becks, Whiskey and Brandy


Spot the puppy

Stella making herself very comfy among the teddy bears


Brandy checking if the teddy is tasty!



23rd February 2011

5 Weeks old

The puppies will be 5 weeks old tomorrow, the time seems to be flying and they are getting so big. We have hit the stage where they are all now really playfighting with each other and sometimes it sounds manic, with lots of growling lol Their teeth are now fully through and they love using them, as soon as you go in the playpen, you more or less get attacked, those teeth definately hurt, I think we'll soon have the scars to prove it lol


Oh dear! I think Daniel's getting beaten up by the puppies


Becks about to get a kiss from Stella


Can we come out please!


It's a hard life being a puppy lol


Hooch looking very relaxed


Miller letting it all hang out!


Sherry slightly stuffed after her dinner


Sherry has found a new friend


Click on this link to see the puppies having fun with Daniel 

5 Weeks old

 Youtube video


18th February 2011

4 Weeks old

The puppies are now 4 weeks old and are getting much bigger, they are really doing well with toilet training and most of the time they will go on the paper. Although some have just discovered what fun it can be to start pulling the paper up, mentioning no names ( Miller + Brandy lol )They are also now on to puppy food ( still having it soaked in the milk so it's all mushy and soft ) They have had their next lot of worming today, they still hate it as much as last time, although this time they protested even more lol Their teeth have almost all come through now as well and we certainly know about it!






















13th February 2011

The puppies are certainly having a busy weekend, with everyone coming for puppy cuddles, mind you lots of the puppies just sleep through and don't even notice lol They are really getting the hang of lapping up the milk, so that's going great, in the next few days we will start to introduce a little bit of puppy food, mushed up into their milk and that is when the mess really begins!


Here's Miller, posing for the camera already!


Baileys taking things easy


This is what happens after they have had their milk lol 



11th February 2011

3 weeks old

The puppies are now 3 weeks old, they have just started lapping up some puppy milk and they absolutely love it, although they get totally covered in the process, and so do we! We have extended the welping area, so they now have an extra area for playing and for the toilet, some already make their way to the paper area for wees. They have started playing with each other more and it is quite funny to watch, but I think their favourite thing is being all huddling together for a group hug!


First time lapping some milk, off course they have to stick the paws

in there as well! 


Double cleaning, doodle style!


Sherry having a stroll around the new playpen 


Miller, taking it nice and easy lol


Stella and Bud, possibly planning their escape route already lol


6th February 2011

Well we have hit the noisy stage, the puppies have definately found their barks and growls and are certainly not afraid to use them lol  They are also just starting to try and play with each other, so some ear sucking, tail grabbing and lots of wobbling about going on! 


All quite, but for how long! 


All lined up 


2nd February 2011

It is hard to believe that the puppies will be 2 weeks old tomorrow, most of them have their eyes open and are starting to walk around, well they are trying anyway lol They had a trip to the vets today for their first course of worming, it's horrible stuff and boy, do they hate it! So we have the great job of giving it to them for the next 2 days as well!


Bud, Brandy, Stella,Tia, Baileys and Miller



Bud and Brandy


Whiskey, Hooch, Becks and Sherry 


All the gang together


29th January 2011

The puppies are now 9 days old and seem to be very content, they are all putting on weight, their eyes will shortly start to open. The boys love having cuddles with them and Stretch ( our cat ) is already starting to teach them that he is the head of the house!


Cuddle Time 


Stretch keeping an eye on things lol


Looking very content


26th January 2011

Puppies are now 6 days old and are certainly getting bigger, we can also just start to hear little noises that resemble barks lol We also have finally decided on their names. We would like to introduce you to...


Cass's Tiny Tipples






















24th January 2011

The puppies are now 4 days old and they are doing well, Cass is being such a good mum. It is very early days, so we are just taking one day at a time.  We are still working hard to sort out a litter name, hopefully I will make up my mind soon lol


Group huddle lol


Fast asleep, although I'm not sure that position looks very comfy


If I can't get in, I guess I'll just sleep up here then!


Look at those cute little tongues


A sleeply little boy


22nd January 2011

Cass and the puppies are doing fine and she has got a very good helper.

It's always good to have an extra pair of paws to lend a hand, click on the link to watch lol


Click on this link to see Cass, Sadie and the pups Youtube video



20th January 2011

Cass give birth to 10 lovely puppies today. Mum and puppies are all doing very well, she is such a good mummy. Sadie was also lovely with her new brothers and sisters, she made sure they all got a good licking to make them clean ( it was very sweet to see ) We have 6 girls and 4 boys.


All cleaned up! Now it's dinner time lol 


Having a well earned rest


Puppies are born and raised in our living room, they soon get used to all the usual sounds and comings and goings of everyday life. Puppies will come with their 1st injections, wormed/flea treated, vet checked, a supply of food they have been weaned onto. A scent blanket from mum and litter mates and a lifetime of support from us.


 Cass has had all her health tests carried out, hips/elbows scored and current clear eye test ( dated November 2010 ) Dad to the puppies is Ozzy ( cream F3 ) again he has had all his health tests done and he also has been Optigen tested clear. Ozzy was also the dad to Cass's 1st litter.


Cass, F2 cream standard non shedding fleece coat


Ozzy, F3 cream non shedding fleece coat   









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