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Alfie, Muffin, Sadie and Cass

Alfie stayed with us from 9th-14th August 2012

Muffin stayed with us from 28th - 11th August 2012


Renvyle Beach, Connemara Ireland

Easter 2012


Cass loves the beach


Easter 2012

Cass, Sadie and the boys enjoyed spending Easter

in Ireland. 


17th February 2012

We had another doodle meet again today for some of our local puppies, so plenty of dirty, smelly doodles at the end of the walk.


Millie, Cass, Sadie and Lexie


Millie and Lexie wanting to play


Jess, Lexie and Sadie


Now where did all those squirrels go?


Cass loves it when it snows

18th December 2011


What a big stick you've got mum! 

Houghton Hall Park


Cass, Miller and Sadie

Miller stayed with us from 13th-17th December 2011


Getting in the Christmas spirit

Cass, Miller and Sadie 


26th October 2011

Cass and Sadie had a great time on Saturday when we met up with some of the local gang for a walk in Marston Mortaine. Even though it was a lovely day, they still managed to find a smelly, muddy puddle and Sadie being Sadie, found great delight in rolling in fox poo!


Jess, Milo (2nd litter ), Milo ( 1st litter ), Sadie, Cass and Mac 


Sadie, Cass and Alfie


Sadie certainly knows how to enjoy herself, if only she would choose

something that smells nice to roll in! 


Let's go home mum, we've had enough

Muffin, Cass, Jelly and Sadie


Ready to make some noise!

Muffin, Sadie and Cass 


Such pretty girls

Sadie, Muffin, Jelly and Cass


12th August 2011

Daniel, spending time with his girls lol

Poppy, Mandy and Muffin


Mummy Cass, Daniel, Poppy and Mandy


Sister's - Sadie, Mandy, Muffin and Poppy

12th August 2011


5th August 2011

We are certainly kept very busy at the moment as we have Poppy, Muffin and Mandy staying for their holidays. Cass has her paws full keeping the young ones in order, but they are all being so good and having a great time in the park altogether.


Sadie and Poppy having fun


Family pose - Sadie, Mandy, Cass, Muffin and Poppy


Poppy and Muffin playing chase


Here's Daniel and David with the gang

Poppy stayed with us from 29th - 13th August 2011

Muffin stayed with us from 27th - 21st August

Mandy stayed with us from 29th - 18th August


Breakfast time lol


What a bunch of posers lol


Cass, Miller and Sadie

Miller stayed with us from 28th May-6th June 2011


Family pose - Sadie, Cass, Brandy and Miller


Cass relaxing in the park


David with his best pals


Sadie and Cass


Let's Dance!


Cass enjoys the frosty weather


Happy Doodles

7th December 2010


Here comes the girls!


Cass and Sadie ready to have some fun in the park

(15th May 2010)


All this running about is very tiring, you know! 


Right we've had our fun in the park, were ready for home

 and a snooze now!


Practising the doodle bounce again (13th March 2010)


Always smiling


2 very happy doodles


I think Sadie is about to take off lol


Guess where she's been sticking her nose?


One very happy doodle ( 18th Dec 2009 )


On the chase with our friends dog Poppy the Spaniel


Cass on the look out for Poppy ( Isle of Wight ) July 2008


Cass absolutely loves going camping, here she is all ready for the beach. 


She is enjoying the sunshine at Robin Hill Park

( Isle of Wight ) May 2009


Keeping a very close eye on the ducks


Did you know doodles are related to Kangaroo's?

Here is Cass doing her Kangaroo impression.


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