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Crystal ( Poppy )


Jett ( Marmaduke )

Ruby ( Molly )


All of our puppies are born and raised in our living room and get used to all the daily comings and goings of everyday life.

Both Rosie and the dad to the puppies have had all their health tests carried out, hips and elbows scored and both hold current clear eye test certificates.

Rosie is an F4 multigenerational cream/apricot medium doodle

Winston is an F4 multigenerational cream/apricot medium doodle

Below is an account of our wonderful time with the puppies from when they were born until they went to their new homes



13th February 2015

We are delighted to say that Rosie has given birth to 5 lovely little puppies ( 3 girls and 2 boys ) She is being a great mum and has lots of help from the puppies granny and great granny, always nice to have family to help lol


Getting a double clean from mum and granny


Mummy having a well earned rest


Great granny just checking to make sure all the new arrivals are ok

16th February 2015

Puppies 3 days old

All the gang are doing well, putting on weight and seem very content. They are getting lots of lick and cuddles of mum, she is being very good. They are getting quicker already crawling about, especially when they smell mum.

What a cute little bundle

A very happy mummy


Please click on the YouTube link to see the puppies at 4 days old

Introducing Rosie's Little Gems






18th February 2015

We had a big surprise today, in giving all the puppies a complete check up, we discovered we actually have 2 boys, we did think it was all girls at first lol I totally blame David, thats what he told me, he was the midwife after all, although to be fair we try and not handle them too much in the first few days and it's not exactly easy to be sure. So a quick rethink of the names was needed!

Breakfast time

This is Ruby's favourite spot

20th February 2015

Puppies 1 Week old

Well we have survived the first week despite the lack of sleep lol They are all doing really well, certainly putting on weight and getting so much quicker moving about, Rosie needs to be super fast laying down now when she goes in to feed them other wise they are all over her. Most of their ears have now flapped over and during the next week or so their eyes should start to open.

It's a tough life being a puppy

Please click on the YouTube link to see Rosie getting some help from her mummy, a real family affair

23rd February 2015

Puppies 10 days old

Puppies are now 10 days old and have already changed so much. We now have very drunk looking puppies, well it seems like that anyway, all the wobbly first steps they are doing. Jasper was the first one to take his steps. Their fur is also growing, so lots of changes happening, it's so lovely to see.

Jett and Pearl

Jasper loves the heat pad

A very relaxed Ruby

Crystal having a snooze

Please click on the YouTube link to see Jasper's first wobbly steps

25th February 2015

Puppies 12 days old

The gang are getting right chunky monkeys now, definitely no problem with weight gain, Rosie is being fantastic. They have had a bit of a pamper session today, nails trimmed, all over body massage lol to get them used to all parts of their bodies being touched, especially their feet and ears and they loved it.

All full, have had their little pamper session as well and now all asleep.




So cute

Just in case mummy tries to go anywhere, I'll just sit here.

27th February 2015

The puppies are now 2 weeks old, they are all now wobbling about, surprising how quickly they can do this, even if they do keep falling over. Their eyes are almost fully open and within the next few days they should be able to fully hear us as well, that's when the fun starts.



Getting comfy

Please click on the YouTube link to see the puppies trying to play with mum.

1st March 2015

Puppies 16 days old

The gang are now 16 days old and are so gorgeous, they are starting to play with each other ( well trying to anyway lol ) and we have tail wags and little barks as well. All of their eyes have now opened and once you call them they come waddling over to you with their tails wagging.

Jett and Ruby

Pearl and Jasper

Please click on the YouTube link to hear our noisy gang

3rd March 2015

Puppies 18 days old


We are in the beginning of the noisy stage now, lots of little growls and surprisingly loud barks at times. They all now attempt to play with each other, which usually involves lots of falling over, so sweet to watch.




7th March 2015

Puppies 3 weeks old

The little Gems were 3 weeks old yesterday and are starting to get real little characters. At the moment we have lots of noise, growls, barks and trying their best to play with each other, mind you I think most of that involves chewing each others ears and noses lol Later today we are going to extend their play area and introduce them to their first try of lapping some milk ( this is where the mess starts ) You can feel their teeth almost ready to come through, Jett's are almost fully through and Jasper has 2 of his through.





Please click on the YouTube link to see the gang having their first try at lapping milk

Rosie is such a good mummy




This is how they love to sleep




Ruby loves a cuddle with Mr Fox

Jett loves playing with the ball, well maybe more eating than playing!

Jasper getting a kiss from his sister Ruby

All getting stuck in

10th March 2015

Our little Gems are not so little any more, all growing rapidly and certainly sounding louder. They are enjoying their mushed up food and all love the idea of licking each other afterwards just to make sure they get even more messy, if thats possible!



Jett and Ruby

13th March 2015

Puppies 4 weeks old

The gang are now 4 weeks old and certainly full of life and mischief, they have nearly all got their teeth through. They have a very busy weekend ahead as their potential new puppy parents are coming to meet them, we hope they will be on their best behavior and show everyone how cute they really are, even if they are full of mischief lol



16th March 2015

The gang have had a very busy weekend meeting all their new puppy parents, they were very good and tried to look as cute as they possibly could. We are delighted that our precious Gems are going to such lovely families and I am sure the puppies will have them all fully trained in no time lol

What a cutie Pearl is


Please click on the YouTube link to see the gang enjoying their run around the living room

As you can see Rosie is very relaxed about being a mummy, now I can see where the puppies get their love of sleeping in strange positions from!




21st March 2015

Puppies 5 weeks old

I can't believe how fast the time is going, the gang are already 5 weeks old and boy are they keeping us busy. They have had a very busy week, spending lots of time out around the living room, which they absolutely love. Also another round of worming , which they certainly don't like. All have very much found they barks and some more than others really like letting us know ( mentioning no names, Pearl and Jasper lol ) They are now fully on the puppy food, as those teeth as more than capable of breaking it up.



Please click on the YouTube link to see the puppies learning some valuable lessons from their Great granny Cass

Crystal and Jasper having a cuddle

I'm sure the idea is to sleep in the house, not on it!



Crystal, being cheeky

Kisses for Pearl from her Auntie Lottie

Please click on the YouTube link to see more puppy madness

Jett getting comfy

27th March 2015

Puppies 6 weeks old

The gang are certainly growing both in size and confidence, being allowed out in the living room means lots of manic play fighting and thinking they can run around faster than their actual legs can move. This all usually ends in a big pile up, where no one can stop fast enough before the crash! Today they also got to meet their Auntie Lottie who is here for the weekend, thats their idea of heaven another set of ears and tail to try and hang off lol



Rosie has her paws full trying to keep this lot in line!

Please click on the YouTube link to see the gang enjoy their mad dash around the living room

Please click on the YouTube links to see what fun the gang got up to today




They also get lots of playtime with the boys, although I think they may be trying to eat David here rather than play with him!

Just look at those innocent faces, yeah right, Pearl and her partner in crime Ruby

Crystal loves to pose

Jasper's happy to sleep anywhere

4th April 2015

Puppies 7 weeks old

It's very hard to believe that we are coming into our last week with the gang, it has been hard work and certainly tiring but we have loved every minute. They are such a wonderful bunch and it's going to be very hard to see them go but we know how much fun ( and mayhem lol ) they are going to give their lovely new families.



6th April 2015

The gang have been having a busy time over the last few days, there was lots of excitement over the new bed we got them, even Rosie decided she was going to pile in it. They have had their nails clipped, another bath ( thats always fun! ) and off course the daily routine of brushing, hopefully the boys will forgive me as owing to the other baby brush getting eaten ( back turned for two minutes! ) they now have a very pink Cinderalla baby brush and comb that I am using lol

I think we should have got a bigger bed, especially with mum in there as well!

Blanket, what blanket, don't know what you mean!

Jett having a rest after being brushed

Please click on the YouTube link to see Rosie and the gang

9th April 2015

Another busy day for the little gems, they had another trip in the car today, a bit longer than around the block this time, we were off to the vets for their first injections. They were all so good when having their injection, no one cried and they all enjoyed lots of fuss from the vets. All received a clean bill of health after their check up, so now they are all ready for their new homes this weekend, we will be very sorry to see them go. So getting in as many cuddles as possible before that happens and of course Rosie is still teaching them as many lessons as she can.

10th April 2015

Puppies 8 weeks old






12th April 2015

We now have a very quite house, as all our Little Gems have now gone to their new homes. All reports back so far are that they have all settled in well. We are so looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing how they get on as they get bigger. We are delighted they have all gone to such lovely families. © 2003 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use