Clover - Buddy

 Buddy The Labradoodle



Clover is now known as Buddy

Clover was our last puppy born and from the very beginning he was such a lovely boy with the most gorgeous cute face, he was also quite calm and did like to sit and watch the tv and enjoyed having cuddles.

Clover @ 2 weeks old 

Clover @ 4 weeks old

Clover @ 6 weeks old

Clover @ 8 weeks old

Weight 3.8kg

29th August 2016

Clover has stayed with us a bit longer due to his new family being on holiday, so he has had a great time with Daisy. Clover went to his new home in London on the 29th August 2016 and will now be know as Buddy. We are delighted for him because he will be going to live with Kizzie ( who is his great granny Cass's sister ) so we know they will have a great time together.

Settling In

Buddy's first night in his new home

This is the lovely Kizzie, whom I'm sure will show Buddy how to behave

Making himself at home

Buddy is now 10 weeks

Weight 5.1kg

He's such a sweet boy

Lots of new toys to play with

Having his breakfast with Kizzie

Now it's time for cuddles

Enjoying a snooze

Looking very much at home


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