Crystal - Poppy

 Poppy The Labradoodle



Crystal now known as Poppy

Crystal was such a sweetheart, she absolutely loved cuddles and would just lay her head into your shoulder for a cuddle when picked up. She was also the first to try and climb out of the whelping box, such a clever little girl.

Crystal @ 5 days old

Crystal @ 3 weeks old

Crystal @ 6 weeks old

Crystal @ 8 weeks old

Weight 4.4kg

10th April 2015

8 weeks old

Crystal has now gone to live with her new family in Mitchem and is now going to be known as Poppy, which we think really suits her. We look forward to seeing pictures of her as she grows as she was such a stunning puppy.

Exploring her new garden already

All this exploring is very tiring, you know!

Always good to have a rug to play with

Looking like she has made herself very much at home.

Poppy @ 11 weeks

So gorgeous

I'll hide, you find me!

5 Months old


Hello, I'm Poppy

Poppy looking very cute

Poppy is now 8 months old

Poppy was 1 year old on 13th February 2016

Looking slightly mucky

Oh dear, think someone needs a bath!

Poppy showing off her lovely new haircut for summer

22nd November 2016

It was so lovely to have Poppy to stay for a few days, she has turned into such a sweet girl and so pretty. She had a great time with the girls and also got to meet Bryon who came to stay as well.


Here comes Poppy


Daisy and Poppy having fun with a tissue!


Chase time with Eddie


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