Daisy The Labradoodle


21st January 2018


Daisy was the first girl to be born and she is the girl we have decided to keep. As she grew she did remind us of Rosie ( her mummy ) and right from the beginning she has been such a good girl.

Daisy @ 2 weeks old 

Daisy @ 4 weeks old

Daisy @ 6 weeks old

Daisy @ 8 weeks old

Weight 3.35kg

13th August 2016

Daisy has now just got her brother Rowen and Clover here as the other puppies have gone to their new homes, they are having a great time but poor Rosie is having a hard job keeping them in line.

Here she is with Clover, making sure they get the coolest spot in the house

Just taking things easy

You turn your back for two minutes and this is what you find

Daisy is now 10 weeks

Weight 4.7kg

Always time for a cuddle with David

Daisy and her granny Sadie

Daisy's first walk, well there wasn't much walking involved!

She absolutely loved the park

10th September 2016

Daisy is now 12 weeks

She is such a good girl

1st October 2016

15 weeks old

Weight 8.1kg

Daisy is being a very good girl, she absolutely loves her trips to the park with the rest of the gang and is also enjoying going into town to experience all the traffic noises and to meet lots of different people.

I couldn't possibly get up to any mischief, looking this cute!

I know the bag says "fill me up with lovely things" I'm not sure they mean doodles though

Getting used to the all the noises of the town

Daisy is now 17 weeks old

Weight 9.1kg

I think Daisy is being taught very well by her granny Sadie

Here's Daisy, absolutely delighted with herself because she's got a dead frog in her mouth!

Daisy and her mummy Rosie

Such beautiful eyes

Looking very different now after her 1st haircut

As you can see she's gets away with anything, even sitting on her great granny Cass!

Daisy is now 6 months old

Getting all ready for Santa Claus

Do you want to build a snowman?

Our Christmas gang - Cass, Eddie, Rosie, Sadie and Daisy

8th March 2017

Daisy will soon be 9 months old, she is such a cutie, full of life and certainly full of mischief. She loves playing with the rest of the gang and definately keeps them busy!

Just checking things out!

Keeping up the family tradition, here's Daisy all ready for World Book Day as Cruella Da Doodle

5th June 2017

It's hard to believe that Daisy will be 1 year old on the 18th of this month, she has certainly packed a lot into that year, she absolutely loves everyone and everything and just adores the rest of the gang.

Daisy always manages to find something to carry around the park

She loves a cuddle with her duck

Daisy had a wonderful time at her first doodle meet, where she met up with her brothers and sisters.

L - R Hamish, Ren, Coco, Rosie ( mummy ) Daisy, Oscar and Buddie

21st January 2018

17 Months Old

Daisy loves Christmas, especially all the new toys and treats that Santa brings

Nothing better than a cuddle with mummy

Our cute little Santa Paws

Daisy loves her jumpers, how cute is she?

It's cold outside mum

19th March 2018

19 Months Old

Weight 13kg

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