Jasper The Labradoodle


22ND AUGUST 2016


Jasper was a very clever little boy and was an absolutely stunning looking puppy, he was the first one to start walking at 8 days old and also the first to open his eyes, he loved his cuddles. He was also the first to wag his tail and once it started wagging it hardly ever stopped.

Jasper @ 5 days old

Jasper @ 3 weeks old

Jasper @ 6 weeks old

Jasper @ 8 weeks old

Weight 5.4kg

11th April 2015

8 weeks old

Jasper has now gone to live with his lovely new family in Bedfordshire and going to keep his name, which we think really suits him. We are delighted he is living so close as hopefully we will get to see him lots for more cuddles.

Settling in to his new home.

Having a cuddle with his teddy

Jasper @ 9 weeks old

Looking slightly guilty

This is my friend Mr Octopus

Hello, I'm Jasper

Looking all fluffy and cute

5 Months old

Weight 18kg

Height 23 inches

Look what a big boy I'm getting

How could you resist those eyes

What a big smile

This is my ball, you know!

Jasper is now 8 months old

What a stunning boy Jasper is

What a little poser!

5th May 2016

It's lovely to see Jasper again, he is here for the weekend, so he will have lots of fun with the girls. He was very happy to see the boys and has been giving David lots of birthday kisses.

Happy Birthday David, getting lots of birthday kisses from Jasper.

Jasper looking happy with his granny Sadie

Jasper was 1 year old on 13th February 2016

Jasper with his granny Sadie and his mummy Rosie

L to R Cass with her great grandson Jasper, her granddaughter Rosie and her daughter Sadie

8th May 2016

Well Jasper is certainly having a great time with the girls and they are having lovely sunshine to enjoy as well.

Enjoying the sunshine

A two minute break to test out some tasty grass

Back home to relax with his friend Mr Duck


Not sure how comfortable this looks!


Looking very happy


Having lots of fun


Just look at that lovely smiling face

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