Jett - Marmaduke

 Marmaduke The Labradoodle



Jett now known as Marmaduke

Jett was such a character, he was the second puppy to open his eyes and himself and Jasper were the first puppies to try and run at 15 days old. He absolutely loved to play and also loved the toys, the noisier the better as far as he was concerned.

Jett @ 5 days old

Jett @ 3 weeks old

Jett @ 6 weeks old

Jett @ 8 weeks old

Weight 4.8kg

11th April 2015

8 weeks old

Jett has now gone to live with his new family in Nottingham and is now going to be known as Marmaduke, which we think is a fantastic name for a doodle. Hopefully he won't grow into his name but we know he will definitely bring lots of fun for his new family.

Settling in

Guess who's just had a bath

Enjoying cuddles

Looking very cute

Marmaduke is certainly getting a lovely big boy

Doodles always find the most comfy spot to sit

Look how big I'm getting!

5 Months old

Weight 15kg

Height 21 inches

Hello, I'm Marmaduke

Do you like my very long tongue?

Doodles and water, a perfect match!

Marmaduke is now 8 months old

Looking very smart after his haircut

26th December 2015

It's lovely to see Marmaduke again, he has gotten a very big boy and it's great to have him here with us for Christmas.

What a handsome boy

27th December 2015

Marmaduke has had a great time with the girls and Dexter, they all certainly enjoyed getting wet and mucky in the park. Marmaduke was also very happy to find a muddy puddle to lay in, he was in his element!


There they go, ready to have fun


Marmaduke just about to go for a paddle!


Looking like a big fluffy teddy bear, so sweet


Four generations - R to L

Marmaduke with his mum Rosie, granny Sadie and great granny Cass © 2003 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use