Candy - Brandy ( 0P )

 Brandy The Labradoodle


now known as Brandy

Candy was full of mischief and loved exploring, she was the first puppy that managed to get upstairs. She also was the first to realise that she could climb up on things to get up to the couch ( which was her favourite spot to sit lol )

Candy @ 3 weeks old

Candy @ 5 weeks old

Candy @ 8 weeks old

Candy went to her new home in Houghton Regis ( just a few houses away from us ) on the 9th December 2010 and is now known as Brandy.

Making herself at home (9 weeks old )

Exploring the garden

Getting bigger (5th Jan 2010)

Loving the snow (12 weeks old)

5 Months old

Brandy came for a walk today(7th April 2010) with us and she was delighted to meet up with her mum and sisters, Sadie and Jelly.

Here's Brandy with Sadie and Jelly

Look how fast I can run (Brandy)

Getting dirty, but having fun!

11th September 2010

Brandy is now almost 11 months old and is nearly as big as her mum! She came for a lovely walk in the park today with her sister Sadie and mum Cass. She is a lovely girl and had a great time

running around and play fighting, I think she went home and enjoyed a long sleep afterwards lol

Brandy and her sister Sadie

Wonder what mischief they are going to get up to!

Where have my mum and sister gone?

Here they are! Brandy, Cass and Sadie

Brandy enjoying a playfight with her sister Sadie

4th June 2011

Brandy popped around yesterday to see her mum and sister and also met her little brother Miller who is staying with us for a week. Brandy is the image of Cass

and has grown into a wonderful girl with a lovely character. She had a great time with Cass, Sadie and Miller and I think they were all completely exhausted by the time they were finished lol

The lovely Brandy

Brandy is the image of her mum and just like Cass she loves balls as well.

Cass and Brandy

Family line up - Sadie, Cass, Brandy and Miller

14th October 2011

Brandy is now 2 years old

Brandy came to say hello to her mum and sister

16th June 2012

Brandy and Cass

Brandy is now 4 1/2 years old

Brandy came to say hello

14th October 2015

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