Cass's Sweet Delights ( 1st Litter ) ( OP )

Puppies are 6 weeks old tomorrow and we are off for another trip to the vets for their next lot of worming ( God help us ) it's like a militiary operation taking all 14 lol. Cass has certainly got her hands full trying to teach them all how to behave, but 14 against 1 is a bit unfair, don't you think?

Well we survived our latest trip to the vets for worming, but this time we needed two trolleys instead of just one,  just shows how big they are getting. By 8 weeks for their next trip we will probably need 3 trolleys lol. They were all weighed and checked and are doing fine, it was much easier this time because they were able to have a tablet instead of the liquid wormer ( what a mess that makes )

Puppies are all fine and extremely lively, and some love the sound of their own bark, mentioning no names ( Toffee, Honey and Butterscotch lol ) They absolutely love being out in the living room, it's like having a cream shaggy carpet, because everywhere you step theres a puppy.

I really can't believe it is nearly 8 weeks since the puppies were born and as much as I hate to think about it, they will be ready to leave for their new homes from the 9th onwards. We have another vet trip for their first injection to get over first lol. As for being prepared for christmas, thats a laugh, we have been so busy we haven't even got the advent calender out for the boys, but they have been so good and not moaned about it. So at the moment the only one that is prepared for christmas in our house is Cass. Here she is showing off her new hair cut.

Here are some new individual pictures of the puppies taken a couple of days ago.

Well what an extremely busy few days we have had, between going to the vet for their first injections and puppies leaving for their new homes, it's very much empty nest syndrome here at the moment. We now have only four puppies left here with us ( compared to 14, it's a breeze looking after them lol ) Toffee will go to her new home tomorrow and then we will still have Muffin until the 19th and Nugget is staying until after christmas and off course our new baby, Honey ( or I should say Sadie ) It has been the most exhausting 8 weeks we have ever experienced, but it has also been amazing to watch them grow and develope their characters. We really hope

that all our new puppy owners will keep in touch and send us updates on how the puppies are getting on.

I hope all the puppies have enjoyed their first christmas with their new families, I'm sure they were a great help opening all those presents lol. We now have only Nugget left with us, she is going to her new home on Monday, we will be very sad to see her go ( I'm sure Sadie and Cass will miss her ) They have got into such a great routine, they love their crate and sleep all night through and are great at feeding time they will sit and wait until you say 'off you go' to eat their food and toilet training is going very well. They had a great time this morning helping the boys open their presents and spent most of the time diving into the pile of wrapping paper on the floor lol.

If you would like to see how the puppies have grown and how they are getting on in their new homes, then please click on their individual pictures at the top of this page.

If you would like any information or just wish to have a chat about doodles, then please feel free to drop us an email.

 Cass The Labradoodle

Cass's Sweet Delights

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Butterscotch (Jess)




Sherbert (Ozzy)

Sugar (Jelly)

Candy (Brandy) 

       Cookie (Poppy)

Custard (Milo)

 Honey (our Sadie )

Nugget (Cass jnr)

Strudel (Alfie)

Toffee (Bonny)

Biscuit (Alfie)


Our puppies are F3 Multi-generation

The puppies have been raised in our living room and are well used to the sounds of everyday life.

Having a power nap ( 6 weeks pregnant )

Both Cass and Ozzy have been hip/elbow scored and both have current clear eye certificates.

Labradoodles bring amazing, energetic sense of fun to any household. Highly intelligent,

doodles are easily trained and can learn commands very fast. It is extremely important to start training your puppy as soon as possible, proper socialization while puppy is young is vitally important.

Labradoodles can live as long as 15-16 years, so this must be taken into consideration when first thinking about bringing a puppy into your home. Labradoodles are extremely friendly towards children and other dogs and from our experience with Cass, make the most friendly family dogs.

The two main genetic aliments that are common to labradoodles are, eye disorders and hip displasia, that is why it is vitally important that health tests are carried out.

The stud dog is an F3 (cream colour like Cass).

This is Ozzy ( not sure where his eyes are gone? lol )

Ozzy - keeping an eye on things

Below is an account of our time with the puppies from when they were born to when they left for their new homes.


Cass has had 14 adorable puppies

She started to push at 3 o'clock and the last puppy was born at 8:08 in the evening. We have 8 girls and 6 boys, all are doing well and will get them and Cass checked out at the vet today to make sure everything is ok ( hopefully they are all healthy ) they all seem fine. Cass has been fantastic and knew exactly what to do and everything went very smoothly. Here are a couple of pictures, will put some more on when we manage to wake up completely lol

7 Puppies all trying to get some dinner

Cass keeping a close eye on them

A hugh bundle of doodles


Puppies 4 Days old

Cass and the puppies are doing fine, she has started to eat a bit more today, which I am so happy about ( she needs to keep her strenght up ) we are going from day to day and I will relax a little bit more when we reach the 1 week old mark. Here are a few more pictures, when we get a bit more time I will get individual pictures of each puppy and their names on the site. 

Mum's work is Never Done ( couple of hours old )

It's hard work being a puppy

Having a cuddle


Puppies 6 Days old

All the puppies are doing well and putting on weight, they are extremely sweet and make such cute puppy sounds. Cass is being very good and very relaxed about the whole thing ( she lets us do all the worrying lol ) Here are some more pictures I just couldn't resist putting on.

Happy little girl after her feed

As you can see they will sleep anywhere!


Puppies 10 days old

The puppies are now 10 days old and doing very well, their eyes should be opening soon. We noticed that they are now trying to stand up on their legs instead of crawl ( so there is lots of falling over and rolling about at the moment lol ) They are due at the vets on Wednesday 28th for their first worming ( thats going to be fun, transporting 14 puppies lol )

Guess what he's just had for dinner ?


Puppies 2 Weeks old

Most of them now have their eyes open.

We had a very busy day, this morning all the puppies had a little sponge bath, and had their nails trimmed ( what an experience that was ) we have got some real wrigglers lol. They needed to look their best as we were off to the vets for their first worming, finally after all the feeding , cleaning and trimming we were ready to pile them all in the crate ( which was extremely heavy with all 14 puppies in there ) and off we went. We heard lots of  ahh, ohh,  " how cute", "how many" when we got to the vets. Cass was very good and not at all bothered about people coming up to say hello, she has got such a fantastic nature, we made sure everybody made a big fuss of her as well. I must say the puppies were not impressed with having the worming solution, there was plenty of spitting, head shaking and some very funny puppy faces being pulled lol. I think me and David ended up with more on us, than went in the puppies mouths lol and the wonderful ( not ) thing about it is that we have to give it to them for the next 2 days as well, so now along with smelling of wee and pooh, I get covered in worming solution as well ( the joys of puppyhood lol ) but that adorable puppy smell when they are cuddled into you makes it all worth while.

Having a cuddle

Everyone's helping, even Stretch is having a look

Cleaned, fed and nails trimmed, I wonder how long the peace will last?

What could be nicer than cuddling up to a puppy?


I finally got around to taking a picture of each puppy ( sorry some might be a bit fuzzy, not every puppy was willing to pose lol ) so here they are..

Cass's Sweet Delights
















Puppies 3 Weeks old tomorrow

The puppies are doing really well and are starting to play with each other more now, so during the day from now on they have moved into there playpen. During the night they will still be in their welping crate, just to make sure they don't get cold. Cass is being so good with them, making sure they are all licked clean lol. During feeding time they have a few minutes wander around our living room floor and today Nugget even paid a quick visit to Stretch's basket, not sure if Stretch was too impressed, but he just sat there ( there's no way he is being evicted from his basket lol )

Are you my mummy?

I told you, I'm not your daddy


Puppies are certainly getting more lively, we now get mad bursts of frantic playing with each other ( well trying to chew each others ears off really lol ) and then suddenly peace again for another while. Very funny to hear then starting to bark and growl ( although not very appreciated at 2-3 in the morning lol ) The puppies love having some milk from the bottles and hubby is very proud of his new invention, I don't think we will get 14 on there, but you never know lol

This is what you call, express milk!

4 in a row! 

Quick drink up before the rest come!

I think I may have had a little too much to drink!  ( Biscuit )

What strange positions they do like to cuddle up in


Just a few more pictures, hubby has expanded his new invention and managed today to get 7 puppies feeding on there at the same time, I'm sure he's aiming to get all 14 on there lol. Along with all the help from the boys ( don't think we could have done it without them ) we also have another helper, our cat Stretch, he has been so good and tolerent with all the puppies.

 All lined up and getting stuck in


Puppies are now 4 weeks old ( can't believe it ) we are off again for their next lot of worming at the vets tomorrow, I will let you know if we survive that one, and how many trips it takes, don't think they will all fit in the cage now lol. We are now getting them started on puppy food, I have never know anything so messy in all my life, they get completely covered, we get covered, even Stretch gets covered if he stands still long enough lol. I will try and get some more individual pictures of each puppy within the next couple of days.

This is Strudel and Sherbert having a cuddle

Candy and Toffee

Daniel enjoying himself being stuck in with the gang.

Honey, Cookie, Biscuit, Butterscotch and Crumble, it's hard to know where one puppy ends and the other starts lol


Well I must say our trip to the vets for worming was very eventful, we ended up piling them all into a shopping trolley when we got to pets at home, our crate was way to heavy to carry. Then proceeded to wheel them through the shop, we ended up being 15 minutes late for our appointment, so many people wanted to stop and see the puppies lol. Of course Cass was her usual self and took no notice of all the attention the puppies were getting, she just wanted to go and have a good smell of all the treats in the shop lol.

This is Sugar ( trying to beat up mum lol )

Stretch and Cookie ( best friends, we'll have to wait and see )

I don't think your best friend should be trying to bite your tail off!

Some of the gang having a cuddle with mum


Puppies are 5 weeks old today ( can't believe we have survived this long lol ) it's been manic at times. They are now getting stuck into dry puppy food, thank god all that messy,soaking of the food is finished. They have also now got extremely sharp teeth, when they are out in the living room for a run around, you are taking your life in your hands walking across the floor lol

You tickle my belly and I'll tickle yours

Come on mum, give us a kiss!

 Sorry not a great picture, it's from the phone, plus half of them kept wriggling, but it gives you an idea what they all looked like loaded into the shopping trolley at the vets last week.


Puppies are in the "who's the leader of the bunch" stage lol so there is plenty of play fighting and lots of rough and tumble going on. When they are out in the living room for a run around, they are absolutly manic for about 10 minutes, then it is suddenly all quite while they all collapse in a heap for a rest, after all that play fighting. I have finally managed to get around to taking some new individual pictures of each one.
















What big teeth you've got mummy!

Here's Toffee showing Strudel who's boss

Honey getting her ear chewed by Cass lol

All this play fighting is just too much for Muffin, catching up on some rest.


All loaded up and ready to go

Custard and Muffin planning an escape route

Two trolleys needed this time


The puppy pad boxes are coming in handy to block escaping puppies

Come on mum please let us out!

How could you resist those eyes?

We keep telling Toffee and Candy that the water bowl is not for swimming in!


All ready for Santa Claus

As usual, Muffin is very laid back about things 

Fudge has found a new place to sit
















( got fed up waiting for his picture to be taken, so having a rest lol )


Very relaxed with mum

First injection time ( 3 trolleys needed this time lol )


Hurry up Daniel!

Sadie enjoying her new present

Nugget's all ready for more presents!

It's so exhausting opening all those presents

This is Cass at 12 weeks old ( I think that stick might be a bit big! )

Daniel with Cass and her two brothers @ 3 weeks old

This is Cass at 11 weeks ( she's like a cuddly teddy bear ) © 2003 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use