Cinnamon - Lottie ( 0P )

 Lottie the Labradoodle




now known as Lottie 

Cinnamon was absolutely gorgeous, she was also a very clever little girl, she was one of the first along with Dill to climb out of the whelping box and she was the first puppy

to figure out how to jump out of the puppy pen, she also loved to give licks.

Cinnamon @ 1 week old 

Cinnamon @ 3 weeks old

Cinnamon @ 6 weeks old

Cinnamon @ 8 weeks old

Weight 3.2kg

8 Weeks Old

Cinnamon went to her new home in Bucks on the 7th April 2014 and is now going to be known as Lottie. I'm sure

she will have a lovely time with her two new best friends to play with.

Getting lots of cuddles

Making herself at home

I like this new bed mum!

This is what having a doodle is all about

13 Weeks Old

We were delighted to have Lottie come back to stay for a few days, she has been such a good girl and has had lots of fun with the girls.

Trying to beat up her big sister Rosie

Showing off her cute belly

It's very tiring being this cute

Lottie was such a good girl while she was here

Here's Lottie with her big sister Rosie, her mum Sadie and her granny Cass

6 Months Old

Waiting at the vets for her 6 month check up

Enjoying an early morning walk

Bath time for Lottie

What beautiful girls 

More cuddles

I think this is Lottie's favourite place to be

Hurry up everyone, I'm waiting!

Lottie's such a pretty girl

Look how big I'm getting

Pot, what flower pot, don't know what you mean!

Showing off her lovely new haircut

Lottie's before and after, how cute

My 1st haircut @ 6 months old

Please click on the UTube link to see Lottie guarding the house against the wind

30th March 2015

It's been lovely to have Lottie come back to stay for the weekend, she is such a sweetie and absolutely loves being cuddled up with Rosie. She has also had a great time playing with Rosie's puppies.

Look at that lovely smile

Come on everyone!

How cute is this, Lottie loves her older sister Rosie

Lottie giving kisses to her new niece Pearl

Please click on the YouTube link to see Rosie and Lottie having fun in the garden

June 2015

It was lovely to see Lottie again come to stay for the weekend. She is always such a good girl while she is here. She had lots of fun with the girls and certainly enjoyed getting very wet in the long grass in the park.

Lottie absolutely loved jumping through the long grass

Looks like Rosie and Lottie are doing a dance

Very wet after all that long grass

Cuddle time - Lottie, Rosie and mummy Sadie

As you can see Lottie is very much at home here

Lottie absolutely adores her older sister Rosie

25th July 2015

It's lovely to see Lottie back again and she fits in as if she has always been here, she is such a good girl, we love her to bits. She is having great fun with the girls and also lots of cuddles from the boys.

I'm back!

Together again

Plenty of cuddles happening

This is how to relax, doodle style!

Nothing better than a doodle cuddle

Lottie is such a pretty girl

Time to relax

Guess who's just had a bath

All clean and fluffy, but for how long?

Spoilt, whatever makes you think that!

Lottie is now 2 years old

29th May 2016

It's lovely to have Lottie here for the weekend, she is such a cutie and always has such fun with the girls. This time she will also get to meet her auntie Lexie who has also come for a visit.

Here's Lottie with her sister Rosie and her auntie Lexie

Lottie and her sister Rosie, these two absolutely adore each other

Welcome back Lottie


Lottie making herself at home


Having a cuddle with Eddie


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