Cookie - Poppy ( 0P)

 Poppy The Labradoodle


28th June 2015


now known as Poppy

Cookie was full of mischief and was always in the middle of the rough and tumble with the rest of her litter mates, she had such a cheeky character and was

full of fun.

Cookie @ 3 weeks old

Cookie @ 4 weeks old

Cookie @ 7 weeks old

Cookie went to her new home in Hertfordshire on the 10th December 2010 and is now going to be known as Poppy.

Poppy's 1st Christmas in her new home

It's hard work opening all those presents

Poppy (15 weeks old) looking very comfy

What a pretty girl (4 months old)

Such a sweetie (10th Feb 2010)

Poppy now 5 months old, getting such a big girl

5 Months old

Weight 19kg

Height 20 inches

17th April 2010

Poppy has come to stay with us for 1 night, she is lovely and a very good girl. She had a great time with Cass and Sadie in the park this afternoon. They all enjoyed running after the ball and Sadie and Poppy loved playing chase with each other.

Poppy and Sadie having a wrestling match lol

Cass let them get on with it.

Here's Poppy just about to pounce on Sadie

Here comes Poppy!

Poppy (6 months old)

12th June 2010

Poppy is staying with us for the weekend, she was delighted to see her sister and mum again and also this time she gets to meet her other sister Bonny who is also staying for the weekend. She is a real sweetie and absolutely loves giving us cuddles, she has had a great time with Cass, Sadie and Bonny in the park this afternoon.

Poppy (8 months old)

Taking a rest

Here's Poppy chasing her sister Bonny

Poppy's ready for take off!

Happy 1st Birthday

23rd October 2010

Poppy is having a great time being back with her mum and sister, Sadie is in her element having her here. They are

having a great time on our walks, bouncing off in the park saying hello to all the new friends they meet.

On the look out for any squirrels

Having fun with Cass and Sadie

Poppy absolutely loves going on her walks

Wait for me!

Off course, what better way to finish of a walk in the park, than a lovely muddy puddle!

31st October 2010

Poppy went home yesterday, it was lovely having her here to stay, she was such a good girl. I think she even enjoyed trying on some Halloween costumes

with Cass and Sadie.

Here she is trying on the pumpkin mask

Sadie, Cass and Poppy all ready for Halloween

Poppy and her mum Cass

Poppy with her sister Sadie

5th August 2011

It is great having Poppy back again for her holidays, she settles straight back in and is never any bother. This time as well as having Cass and Sadie to play

with, Poppy also has her other two sisters Muffin and Mandy. They are all

having a great time and getting on so well together.

Here's Poppy showing off her lovely new haircut, she feels so soft

Poppy loves running in the park

Poppy loves exploring the woods with the rest of the gang

Playtime with Sadie and Mandy

8th August 2011

Poppy is having a great time and is being such a good girl as always. She has such a great time on our walks with the rest of the gang and enjoys meeting lots of new doggie friends. In the garden she loves having a playfight with her sister Muffin.

Now where have the rest of the gang gone? 

What us! up to mischief, never!

Poppy and Muffin, looking very fierce, but having fun

16th August 2011

Poppy went home on the 13th and we hope she is not missing her mum and sister's too much. She had a great time while she was

here and she really enjoyed spending time with Cass and all of

her sister's. We love having Poppy here as she is such a good girl.

Poppy having a snooze before she went home

It's very tiring playing with her sister's


14th October 2011

Poppy is now 2 years old

3rd March 2012

Poppy has come to stay for the weekend, we always love having Poppy back as she is so well behaved. After having some fun in the park with Cass and Sadie,

Poppy had a nice surprise as her sister Brandy also popped around for a visit.

Time for a game of chase with Sadie 

Taking a rest before some more fun 

Look what I've found

Cass, Sadie and Poppy

Poppy ( doing her Meerkat impersonation ) Cass, Sadie and also Brandy ( who came for a visit )

24th March 2012

Poppy was very happy to see us today, she has come to stay again for the weekend and herself Cass and Sadie enjoyed the lovely warm sunshine in the park.

There goes Poppy

Chase me! Chase me! 

Poppy likes finding sticks 

The bigger the better

25th March 2012

The girls had a great time on their walk today, plenty of sunshine and lots of fields all to themselves. They are now all completely exhausted and sound asleep, it's such a hard life being a doodle lol


Poppy and Cass having a race

Follow the leader time, with mum leading the way off course

Poppy, Sadie and Cass, entries for the longest tongue competition, I think Sadie might just win lol

Oh looks like Poppy's in trouble lol

Click on the link to see a utube video of Poppy, Cass and Sadie having fun

24th July 2012

Poppy came to stay yesterday for her holidays, as always Cass and Sadie are delighted to see her. They spent the evening relaxing

in the garden, watching us do the gardening! We took them for

an early walk in the park this morning, as it's very hot here at the moment.

Showing off their best sides

Our new garden ornaments lol

Plenty new smells to investigate

You go this way, I'll go that way!

Having fun in the long grass

28th July 2012

Poppy has been such a good girl while she was here, they all loved going for their walks nice and early in the morning ( not sure we

felt the same lol ) but it's certainly been too hot any other time of the day. Before Poppy went home today she got to spend some

time with her sister Muffin who has come for her holidays, so

there was plenty excitement and bouncing when they met.

Poppy and Sadie staying in the shade

Come on Sadie, chase me!

I think Poppy is about to get caught

Poppy got to spend some time with her sister Muffin

Poppy, Muffin, Sadie and Cass

25th August 2012

It is lovely to have Poppy back again, it's only been a few weeks since she was here before so it's lovely having

her here again. This time she has her younger brother Mac

to play with as well as Cass and Sadie.

I think it's playtime for Poppy and Mac 

Here's Poppy with her mum Cass

Now that the grass has been cut in the park there are lots of new smells for Poppy and Sadie to investigate.

We love having Poppy here

I think it's time for home, I need a sleep

28th August 2012

It's always sad to see Poppy go home again, as we really love having her here, as she is so lovely. I think she had

a great time with her younger brother Mac.

Doing the doodle bounce

Poppy got on so well with her brother Mac

This is what they spent most of the time doing

Bouncing again

Wait for us!

Poppy is now 3 years old

27th November 2012

We are delighted to say that Poppy is now an auntie and has added a new addition to her family. She has let Pash ( going to be known as Eddie ) from Sadie's 1st litter come and live with her. She is being a very good girl and is being very patient

with him.

Poppy showing Eddie how a doodle should look after a nice muddy, wet walk.

27th December 2012

It was lovely having Poppy come back to stay for Christmas, she loved meeting our newest addition Rosie and off course had a great ( although extremely ) mucky time in the park with Cass

and Sadie

Happy Christmas

Helping Daniel open some presents

As usual it's chase time for Poppy and Sadie

Standing still, but not for long!

I told you they don't stand still for long

Poppy is being such a good Auntie

22nd June 2013

Poppy and her nephew Eddie came to stay with us for the day, we love seeing them again and they were so good. Poppy has grown into such a wonderful girl and is a delight to have here.

Poppy getting nice and wet this morning

Having fun with Rosie

Pretty Poppy

What's out there Auntie Poppy?

Poppy and Eddie

26th December 2013

Poppy and Eddie have been with us for a few days over Christmas, it is lovely to see them as always. Poppy got to meet her other sister Muffin who is also here for Christmas.

Poppy showing us her best smile

28th June 2015

It's been lovely having Poppy and of course Eddie staying for a visit. They have had a great time with the girls and enjoyed the park with all the long grass to run through.


Relaxing on the trampoline


Poppy having fun


Here they come!


Poppy and Eddie

14th October 2015

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