Crumble ( 0P )

 Crumble The Labradoodle


What a cutie Crumble is, his favourite thing to do was give everybody as many licks as he could. He even tried to give Stretch lots of licks, but I don't think Stretch appreciated it very much lol

Crumble @ 2 weeks old

Crumble @ 5 Weeks

Crumble @ 7 weeks

Crumble went to his new home in Essex on the 12th December 2010 and he will be keeping his original name, which we think really suits him.

Best friends already ( 8 weeks )

Crumble's 1st Christmas in his new home

Enjoying opening his presents

It so tiring being this cute ( 11 weeks )

Enjoying a walk in the woods

What a handsome fellow (16 weeks old)

How sweet! 

5 Months old

Weight 23kg

Height 23 inches

22nd December 2010

Crumble is now 14 months old and has turned into such a handsome doodle and also a very big doodle lol He has a lovely curly coat, very much like Sadie's.

I hope he has been having as much fun in the snow as Cass and Sadie

have been having. Here is Crumble modelling his birthday bandana.

Happy Birthday 

14th October 2015

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