Custard - Milo ( 0P )

 Milo The Labradoodle

Custard now known as Milo

Custard was such a sweetheart, his favourite past time was eating and sleeping lol, thats possibly why he ended up being the biggest out of the litter.

Custard @ 3 weeks old

Custard (5 weeks old ) asleep again lol

Custard (7 weeks old) Awake this time lol

Custard went to his new home in Bedford on the 10th December 2010 and is now going to be known as Milo

Exploring his new garden

Looking very handsome

Milo's 1st Christmas in his new home

Lot's of Christmas presents (10 weeks old)

Enjoying the snow

One of his favourite toys

What a good boy he is (16 weeks old)

Looking very comfy (Feb 2010)

10th April 2010

Cass, Sadie and Jelly met the lovely Milo on a doodle meet today, they all had a great time. Milo is getting a very big boy now and is so much like his mum Cass.

Looking just like his mum

What a handsome boy

Enjoying his day out

Look at the lovely puddle, I've found lol

Oops I think Milo's just got flattened by Sadie lol

5 Months old

Weight 27.5kg

1 year old

Here's Milo having a run around at the birthday party

Milo 1 year old now

These birthday presents are great

Anymore presents to open?

Milo 1 year old today ( 14th October 2010 )

8th January 2011

It was lovely to meet up with Milo today for a walk around Stockgrove Park, Cass strolled around while Sadie and Milo played chase! They all ended up getting completely filthy, wet and quite smelly lol but they had a great time. Milo is so lovely and everytime we see him he looks more and more like his mum.

Here comes Milo

Milo wondering where Sadie's gone

Do you think Milo's going to jump in for a dip?

14th October 2011

Milo is now 2 years old

Anymore presents to open?

Milo all set for work as a PAT dog

Taking a well earned rest

Milo supporting the Race for Life

Warming up before the race

14th October 2015

Milo is now 6 years old © 2003 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use