Dill - Byron ( 0P )


 Byron the Labradoodle


27th November 2016


now known as Byron

Dill was an absolute sweetie, he was also very clever, he was one of the first along with Cinnamon to climb out of the whelping box.

By the time he was 8 weeks old his favorite thing was jumping

in and out of the toy box.

Dill @ 1 week old 

Dill @ 3 weeks old

Dill @ 6 weeks old

Dill @ 8 weeks old

Weight 3.7kg

8 Weeks Old

Dill went to his new home in Leeds on the 4th April 2014 and is now going to be known as Byron. It is

lovely as his new owners already have one ofCass's previous puppies in their family. So I'm sure Byron will be spending plenty of time with his uncle Toby.

On his way to his new home

One very relaxed puppy

Settling in

What a cutie

Will I be as big as my uncle Toby one day?

Guess where I've been?

Look this books got my name on there, I'm famous!

Byron in the bluebells

11 Weeks Old

Weight 7.3kg

Typical doodle pose

12 Weeks Old

Weight 8kg

How cute am I?

4 Months Old

Weight 11kg

Getting bigger

Cuddle time with his uncle Toby

Byron loves his uncle Toby

4 1/2 Months old

5 Months Old

Weight 13.8kg

Such a handsome pair

Absolutely gorgeous

Byron 5 1/2 Months and Toby 3 1/2 Years old

6 Months

Weight 15.8kg Height 19 inches

Looking very much like his dad

A big boy now

Showing off his new haircut

How cute does Byron look with his little bow

Byron and his gorgeous Uncle Toby, just look at the size of Byron's tongue

So handsome

What a happy doodle Byron looks

Anyone for football?

Guess who's been to the beach

Byron is so gorgeous

Having a great time with his uncle Toby

Byron was 2 years old on 8th February 2016

27th November 2016

Bryon is having lots of fun being with Eddie and the girls, they are certainly keeping him busy and I think he may need a holiday to recover from all the chasing they have been doing once he goes home.

Bryon relaxing with Eddie

Relaxing with Rosie

Having a great time in the park

Bryon and his sister Rosie

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