Dinkum - Otis ( 0P )


 Otis the Labradoodle

Dinkum now known as Otis

Dinkum was such a cutie, like some of the others he absolutely loved to snuggle into you for cuddles. He was one of the first puppies to bark and loved to play, even

at 2 weeks on wobbly legs he was trying to play with the others.

He had a lovely laid back and gentle nature.

Dinkum @ 1 week old 

Dinkum @ 4 weeks old

Dinkum @ 6 weeks old

Dinkum @ 8 weeks old

Weight 3.2kg

Dinkum went to his new home in London on the 22nd of November 2012 and is now going to be known as Otis. I'm sure he will have

a great time and get spoiled rotten.

Getting settled in  

Otis looking sweet

11 Weeks old

Weight 4.9kg

Otis enjoying his 1st Christmas in his new home

Where's my present?

13 Weeks old

Weight 7.7kg

I think I might need a haircut

Otis looking gorgeous

6 Months Old

Weight 15.6kg

I'm being good, now where's my treat!

Me and my stick!

9 Months Old

Weight 20kg

What a handsome fellow

Otis showing off his new haircut

Look what I've found!

Mum, I think I might have got a little bit wet!

12 Months Old

Weight 20kg

What a cutie

Otis looking very handsome

Happy to share with his friend

Otis is now 5 years old

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