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 Monty the Labradoodle


22nd February 2015

Basil now known as Monty

Basil was the second biggest boy, he was the first puppy to open his eyes and he had a stunning dark apricot

coat. He loved to play with the rest of the gang and along with Pepper was the first to get his teeth through.

Basil @ 1 week old 

Basil @ 3 weeks old

Basil @ 6 weeks old

Basil @ 8 weeks old

Weight 4kg

8 Weeks Old

Basil went to his new home in Bedford on the 5th April 2014 and is now going to be known as Monty. He

will have a great time with his new fur friends.

Monty and his new friend

Little and large

Making himself at home

Here comes Monty

Just look at the cute face

6 Months Old

Monty getting big

What a handsome stance Monty has got

Nothing better than cuddles with a doodle 


Monty loves the snow


It's playtime


Monty's found a new friend to play with


What a real cutie he is


Rocking the wet look!


Monty loves to come and visit his big sister Rosie

Monty is now 2 years old