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 Boo Boo The Labradoodle


8th March 2017

Bracken now known as Boo Boo 

Bracken was our smallest puppy but he certainly was more than able to keep up with the rest of the gang and by the time he was ready to go to his new home, he was full of life and a right bundle of mischief. He also had the most wonderful dark apricot coat, we are so looking forward to seeing how he developed.

Bracken @ 2 weeks old 

Bracken @ 4 weeks old

Bracken @ 6 weeks old

Bracken @ 8 weeks old

Weight 3.03kg

13th August 2016

Bracken went to his new home in Kent on the 13th August 2016 and is now going to be known as Boo Boo. I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time with his new family.

Settling In

Looking very comfy already

Settling in on his first night in his new home

Such a gorgeous boy

Bath time

What a cutie

Boo Boo is now 10 weeks

Weight 4.9kg

Boo Boo and his friend

Looking all gorgeous and fluffy

Boo Boo is now 6 months old

Weight 15kg

Boo Boo's 1st Christmas in his new home

Looking so gorgeous in his Christmas jumper

15th February 2017

It's been lovely to see Boo Boo again while he's here for a few days, he's enjoying having fun with his sister Daisy and being a very good boy on our walks.

Boo Boo and his sister Daisy

Let's go!

Ready to have some fun

The park is always more fun when you have lots of friends to play with

Such a cutie


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