Fudge ( 0P )


Fudge The Labradoodle


Fudge was one of the curliest puppies out of the litter, so it will be very interesting to see how he turns out and how his coat will develope. He loved getting into mischief and was always one of the first to investigate new things.

Fudge @ 3 weeks old

Fudge @ 5 weeks old

Fudge @ 7 weeks old

Fudge @ 8 weeks old, this was his favourite place to sit lol 

Fudge went to live with his new family in London on the 12th December 2010 and has kept his original name, which we think is perfect for him.

6th February 2010

Fudge comes to visit

It was so lovely to see Fudge again, he certainly is a big boy, just like a hugh cuddly bear, there is no way he would fit in his favourite spot now! He seemed so happy to see Sadie and Cass again.

Fudge came for a visit to see his sister and his mum

What a big boy he is (16 weeks old)

5 Months old

Weight 29.5kg

7 Months old

There's nothing like a doodle cuddle

Fudge and his best friend

Looking very handsome after his new haircut

I'm sitting nicely, now where's my treat?

7th July 2010

Fudge 8 Months old

We spent a lovely day with Fudge and his family on Sunday(4th July) Fudge has had a lovely haircut and he looks absolutely fantastic, he has got lovely curls in his coat and is looking so much like his mum. Cass, Sadie and Fudge had such a great time playing together, plenty of chasing the ball and Fudge and Sadie spent lots of time play fighting, it was so nice to see them playing so well together.

Fudge looking super

What a lovely coat Fudge has got

Not sure what Fudge is trying to do to Sadie lol

More playing fighting! 

Fudge is such a handsome doodle

Fudge and Sadie, they love each other really! 

14th October 2011

Fudge is now 2 years old

Fudge relaxing at home

Showing off his lovely haircut

14th October 2015

Fudge is now 6 years old

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