Hooch - Milo ( 0P )


  Milo The Labradoodle


Now known

As Milo

Hooch was a real sweet little fellow and loved to cuddle either with his brothers and sisters or with us. He was very confident and always happy to get fussed over.

Hooch @ 6 days old

Hooch @ 4 weeks old

Hooch @ 6 weeks old

8 Weeks old

Hooch went to his new home in Northants on the 19th of March 2011, and he is now going to be know as Milo. We know he will be very much loved and no doubt very spoiled lol

Milo looks like he has settled in his new home very well

Enjoying his cuddles

Milo looks very comfy

Playing Chase

20th January 2012

Milo is now 1 Year old

4th June 2012

Milo is now almost 17 months old and has just come back from his first holiday in Northumberland. He has grown into an extremely handsome doodle and now looks very grown up.

Milo looking very happy on the beach

The whole beach to himself

Look what I've found!

Milo looking very handsome

Milo is now 6 years old

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