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 Muffin The Labradoodle


Muffin loved to play with her brothers and sisters, but also loved relaxingand would sleep in the funniest positions.

Muffin @ 3 weeks old

Muffin @ 5 weeks old

Muffin @ 7 weeks old

Muffin @ 8 weeks old

Due to Muffin's new family's work commitments, Muffin stayed with us a little bit longer (which was lovely) Muffin went to her new home in Essex on the 19th

December 2010 and has kept her original name.

Muffin's 1st Christmas in her new home.

Enjoying opening her christmas presents

Muffin 4 months old

Keeping a watchful eye outside

What a sweetie (4th March 2010)

Tasty Sausages!

6 Months old

Weight 21kg

Height 23 inches

I wonder how high she can bounce?

9th May 2010

I don't know what you mean? What ripped paper!

Muffin is now 7 months old

Do you like my new haircut?

Looking very cool after her haircut

Happy 1st Birthday

Here's Muffin with her mum Cass at the puppies 1st birthday party

Showing off her pearly whites!

Here comes Muffin!

Typical doodle, always gets the best seat

Muffin enjoying the snow

All wrapped up

Santa's little (well maybe not so little) helper

Christmas 2010

Guess what Muffin's favourite christmas present was?

5th August 2011

We are delighted to have Muffin staying with us for her holidays, she is very much like Sadie, although bigger and has a lovely curly coat just like Sadie's

She has settled in very well and is enjoying having Sadie and Cass and her other two sisters Poppy and Mandy to play with as well.

Muffin's found a favourite toy already

Sadie and Muffin

Here comes Muffin

Muffin and her sister Poppy

After a busy day in the park, what can be better than a snooze on the sofa lol

Relax time with Sadie and Poppy

8th August 2011

Muffin is enjoying her time back with us, she loves going to the park, she is very much like Cass in her character and loves meeting new doggie friends, she just strolls

up to them, says hello and then wanders back to us. She is a very good girl and we are enjoying having her here.

Off she goes to say hello to another new friend

All set for take off!

HELP! Get her off me!

12th August 2011

Muffin is having such a great time with her mum and sister's, her favourite pastime is play fighting with the rest of the gang. They all have a manic

10 minutes playtime in the garden before breakfast, then a nice snooze afterwards and all set for their trip to the park later, for more fun.

Having a rest 

Playtime with Mandy and Poppy

Muffin is under there somewhere, but not sure what their upto lol

I surrender!

18th August 2011

Muffin is having a great time with the rest of the gang, she now has a new sister to play with as Poppy and Mandy have gone home, but Jelly has come to stay.

She loves chasing the ball in the park and is very good bringing it back for you to throw it again.

Muffin relaxing

22nd August 2011

We were all very sad to see Muffin go home yesterday, she is so lovely and an absolute pleasure to look after. She fitted in so well and got on great

with everyone, she very quickly became a firm favorite with everyone and just like when she was a puppy, it's lovely to see that she still likes to sleep in very strange positions lol

Not looking very comfy, but she was fast asleep 

Muffin loved her time in the park 

Going for the ball

Playing chase with her sister Jelly

Getting a cuddle from Sadie

Giving Kisses lol

Muffin is now 2 years old

14th October 2011

28th July 2012

It is lovely to see Muffin come to stay again for her holidays, she met Poppy before she went home and we all had a lovely

walk with Muffin's family in the park. As you can see she has made herself very much at home.

Poppy, Muffin, Sadie and Cass

30th July 2012

Muffin is having a great time with Sadie, she is an absolute sweetie and loves giving licks, just like her sister.

Cass is quite happy to sit back, relax and watch while the two play fight together.

Playfighting again

Muffin getting a bit squashed

Muffin is under there somewhere!

Click on the Youtube link to see a video of Muffin and Sadie having fun

3rd August 2012

Muffin is so much like Sadie, they get on so well together, although I do think Sadie has being sharing some of her tricks with Muffin, as yesterday and today Muffin managed something stinky to roll in during our walk!

Mind you even stinking to high heaven, we still love her to bits

and are delighted she has come to stay.

Enjoying the sunshine

Having a game of chase

Watch out Muffin, Cass is behind you!

10th August 2012

Muffin is being so good while she is here, we will really miss her when she goes home. Her brother Alfie

came to stay yesterday, so herself and Sadie certainly tired him out in the park this morning.

Here's Muffin with Alfie and Sadie 

Muffin having a playfight with Alfie 

Muffin having a rest

Here comes Muffin 

13th August 2012

It's always sad to see Muffin go home again, as we really love having her here, she is such a sweet girl, she is welcome back anytime.

Muffin loved her walks in the park

Here she comes!

26th December 2013

We are delighted to have Muffin here for Christmas, she has loved helping the boys with their presents and enjoyed her special

treat of some Christmas dinner. She has also enjoyed meeting her other sister Poppy and her nephew Eddie who spent a few days with us as well.

Getting in the Christmas spirit with Cass, Sadie, Muffin and Rosie

Muffin and her sister Sadie

Muffin relaxing with Rosie after their manic run in the park.

4th January 2014

Muffin has been so good while she has been here, she always fits in as if she has never been away.

She has loved spending time with the girls and getting filthy in the park.

Muffin always loves to sleep in the strangest positions

Not sure how this is comfy, but Muffin seems to think so

Here comes Muffin and Rosie

Wait for me!

Muffin and her sister Sadie

Off they all go, to get more mucky!

4 Years Old

Weight 34kg

5th January 2014

As always it's sad to see Muffin go home, seems very strange here now without her, hopefully she won't miss the girls too much, we look forward to seeing her again real soon.

Muffin, Rosie and Sadie

Time for a pose - Muffin, Rosie, Cass and Sadie

Here's Muffin with her mum Cass

Not that we spoil them or anything, but here are the girls waiting for their bedtime treat!

The lovely Muffin