Nugget - Cass jar ( 0P )

 Cass The Labradoodle




now known as Cass

Nugget was so adorable and a real character, she was very much like her mum. Her favorite pass time was playing chase with the rest of her brothers

and sisters.

Nugget @ 2 weeks old

Nugget playing with her toy at 5 weeks old

Nugget @ 7 weeks old

Nugget stayed with us over Christmas and had great fun helping Cass and Sadie open the presents.

Ready for more presents!

Nugget's first experience of snow @ 9 weeks old

Having a last cuddle with Sadie before she leaves for her new home

Nugget went to her new home in Cumbria on the 28th December 2010, she will also spend part of the year in France (lucky puppy ) Nugget is now known as Cass, we are really delighted that her lovely new owners decided to call her Cass after her mum.

Enjoying the snow in Cumbria @ 12 weeks old

Making herself at home

27th Feb 2010

4.5 Months old

Such a pretty girl (4th March 2010)

5 Months old

Cass jnr is now 5 months old and is enjoying the lovely sunshine in France, what a very lucky puppy she is lol  

Cass jnr has found a very comfy place to sit (5 months old)

Her favourite snuggly lol

Cass jnr 1st trip to the Mediterranean(29th March 2010)

Enjoying the lovely sunshine

What a beautiful girl she is turning out to be (2nd April 2010)

Looking very pretty after being brushed

6 Months old

Weight 22kg

Looking very relaxed and enjoying the sunshine in France

Helping out with the gardening @ 6 months old

Ready and waiting! Where's my dinner?

As you can see, she loves her cuddles!

Looking very relaxed after her lovely new haircut @ 7 months old

More cuddles (30th May 2010)

7 Months old

Weight 24.5kg

9 Months old

Weight 25.5kg

Enjoying her walk in the Ardeche Mountains in France 13th July 2010

Watch out here she comes!

Looking very happy

I wonder what I can find in here?

Keeping cool

1 year old 

Cass jnr is now 1 year old, it's amazing how fast the time has gone and how big they all have got. She has grown into a beautiful dog and is the imagine of her mum. She also looks like she is having a wonderful life in France ( lucky thing lol )

Looking very relaxed

Enjoying all the sunshine

She looks so much like her mum

Look at those lovely eyelashes

Looking very happy out on her walk

Showing off her lovely garden

Can I have some cake please...

Do I have to wait until my birthday before I can have some cake?

Can I have my birthday treats for breakfast?

Cass and her new birthday toy, I wonder how long it's going to last lol

Relaxing on her birthday

I really do love my new baby, I mean toy lol

Happy 1st Birthday Cass jnr

15 Months old

Who's been sleeping in my chair? 

Come on! Hurry up, I'm waiting

What a stunning big girl she has grown into 

Can I've some treats now mum?

19 Months old

Weight 30kg

Her lovely new haircut

Going for a paddle

Feeling much better after that drink

Man's best friend - what a wonderful life Cass jar is having

Cass enjoying the Alps

Looking at some Chamois in the Alps

Come on let's go

Spot the doodle!

Cass on holiday in Northan Spain

Cass jnr is now 2 years old

14th October 2011

What a stunning girl she is

Having an explore

Look at all that open space, what more could a doodle want!

What a perfect life Cass jnr has

Cass jnr is now 3 years old

Enjoying her walk in the Lake District

Lots to explore

Enjoying a swim on holiday in the South of France

Climbing high, Blencathra in the Lake District

Cass jnr is now 4 years old

Off for a swim at Solway Firth

The absolute double of her mum

Enjoying their walk together in Brittany

Time to relax

Cass has enjoyed the snow

14th October 2015

Cass jnr is now 6 years old


Cass jnr is off on her travels again, here she is at the Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye


On her way up Ben Taranvaig, Isle of Skye


Enjoying a well deserved rest after all that mountain climbing


All ready to go again


The Quiraing, Isle of Skye


I think it's a little windy there!


At the top of the Fairy Glen


Cass jnr is certainly a very lucky girl with all those wonderful places to go for walks in. © 2003 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use