Pash - Eddie ( 0P )

 Eddie the Labradoodle




16th April 2017


now know as Eddie

Pash was the smallest puppy in the litter, but as he grew his character was anything but small! He loved cuddles and his tail hardly ever stopped wagging, he wa always

happy to playfight with the rest of his brothers and sister, even the biggest ones.

Pash @ 1 week old 

Pash @ 4 weeks old

Pash @ 6 weeks old

Pash @ 8 weeks old

Weight 2.4kg

Pash went to his new home in Hertfordshire on the 24th November 2012 and is now going to be known as Eddie. We are delighted

to say that he has gone to live with his Auntie Poppy and

her family. We know he is going to have a great time with Poppy and we look forward to seeing him soon.

Here's Eddie looking very happy with his auntie Poppy

27th December 2012

Weight 5.7kg

13 Weeks old

It was lovely to have Eddie back to stay for a night, Rosie was certainly delighted to see her brother again, there were lots

of cuddles together and plenty of playfighting.

I remember you!

Poppy's got a lovely warm tail for Eddie to cuddle up to.

I think they might need a bigger bed!

Eddie cuddling up to his Auntie Poppy

20th February 2013

It is lovely to see Eddie again, he has come to stay for a few days and has definitely gotten bigger, Rosie off course is delighted to

see her brother again.

Eddie and his sister Rosie

Eddie now almost 5 months old

23rd February 2013

It was lovely having Eddie to stay for a few days, he is such a cutie and was very well behaved. Himself and Rosie absolutely love playing

chae in the park and there was lots of playfighting as well.

19 weeks old

Weight 10.2kg

Playtime with Rosie

Here I come

All having fun, Eddie with his mum, granny and sister

Chase me! Chase me!

Home Time - Cass, Rosie, Sadie and Eddie

Eddie and Rosie loved spending time together 

6 Months old

Weight 12.1kg

Height 18 inches

22nd June 2013

9 Months old

It was lovely to have Eddie and of course his auntie Poppy come to spend the day with us, he was so good

and had a wonderful time in the park with the girls.

Eddie looking very cute

Eddie and Rosie having fun

Watch out, here comes Eddie

All having fun

26th December 2013

15 Months old

It was lovely to see Eddie and off course Poppy again, they came to spend Christmas with us. They had lots of fun helping the boys

open their presents and had a great time checking each present to

see if it was theirs.

Eddie is such a cutie

Eddie with his sister Rosie

Eddie was 2 years old on the 27th September 2014

28th June 2015

It's been lovely having Eddie back to stay, he is such a cutie and absolutely loves giving licks, you stand still long enough then you're going to get the Eddie special lol

Having fun with Rosie in the garden

Showing of his new haircut he got while he was here

Follow me everyone!

Relax time - Rosie, Sadie and Eddie

Eddie is now 4 years old

23rd January 2017

Eddie has joined the family

Eddie is now 4 years old and unfortunately due to family circumstances he has come back home to us. Eddie has got some anxiety issues and just needs us to be firm with the rules and boundaries, which in turn makes him much more confident. He is very happy with our girls ( he knows they are in charge ) and he's perfectly happy with that. He's happy to meet lots of other dogs in the park, if there is a dog he's unsure of he generally just avoids and carries on with his walk. His recall is fantastic and most times you look around and he's beside you anyway. He's loves to come for a cuddle but is also very happy to just lounge around on the chair or sofa. Like the girls all he does in the house is sleep, he never pesters you for a walk. All in all he really is a sweet boy and we are happy for him to have his forever home here with us.

Eddie showing off his big smile

Daisy likes to use Eddie as a pillow

Such a gorgeous face

Eddie loves his time in the park

Nothing better than playtime in the park

Chilling out

This is how Eddie spends most of his time, letting it all hang out with Rosie

Eddie and his best pal Daisy

As you can see Eddie has a great time in the park


Enjoying an early morning walk


Eddie absolutely loves his teddy


Celebrating St Patrick's Day


Happy St Patrick's Day

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