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  Toby The Labradoodle


24th May 2015

Becks now known as Toby

Becks at three weeks was the curliest out of the boys and he was also the smallest, although he was small, he was more than able to rough and tumble with the rest of the gang. He was always pretty interested in everything that was going on and he used to love to just sit and watch what was happening, he also loved his cuddles.

Becks @ 6 day's old

Becks @ 4 week's old

Becks @ 6 weeks old

8 Weeks old

Becks went to his new home in Middlesbrough on the 19th of March and is now going to be known as Toby. He has settled in very well and is making himself very much at home with his lovely new family.

Toby, looking very handsome with his new collar and tag.

Guess who's been digging!

What a handsome boy

10 Weeks old

Weight 8.2kg

Toby's got the whole beach to himself

Having a snooze

Looking very relaxed

13 Weeks old

Weight 12.2kg

I'm sure that name looks familiar lol

After his first bath

5 Months old

Toby getting very big

How Sweet

Spot the doodle

Looks like Toby has a new friend

5 Months old Weight 22.5kg

Height 21.5 inches

A flying Toby

Keeping his eye on things

Toby doing a spot of modelling

Showing off his lovely new haircut

20th January 2012

1 Year Old

Happy 1st Birthday Toby

What a handsome boy

Toby modelling his birthday bandana

Toby's 1st Birthday cake

Toby getting in the Diamond Jubilee party spirit

20 Months Old

Toby showing off his lovely curls

Toby looking very relaxed

Happy 2nd Birthday

Birthday presents

Toby looking very happy

Toby is certainly a very relaxed looking doodle


Enjoying the beach with his nephew Byron


The best of friends

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