Pepper - Darcy ( 0P )

 Darcy the Labradoodle







now known as Darcy

Pepper was our biggest boy, he also had a wonderful apricot coat. He loved his food and his favourite thing to do was

sleep, he was very laid back and was just happy to sit

and cuddle up to everyone. He really was a stunning boy.

Pepper @ 1 week old 

Pepper @ 3 weeks old

Pepper @ 6 weeks old

Pepper @ 8 weeks old

Weigh 4.2kg

8 Weeks Old

Pepper went to his new home in Bedford on the 7th April 2014 and is now going to be known as Darcy, which we

think really suits such a handsome doodle.

6 Months Old

Weight 20kg

Height 19 inches

Hello, I'm Darcy

Growing into such a handsome doodle

Absolutely stunning

Yes I do have eyes under here

See I told you I had eyes

Look at my cute fluffy paws

What a cute teddy bear

The gorgeous Darcy

6 Months old

Showing off his lovely new haircut 


What a handsome chap Darcy has turned into

Happy 1st Birthday Darcy


Darcy is such a handsome boy

Darcy is now 2 years old © 2003 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use