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 Cass The Labradoodle


15th May 2017



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Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

19th August 2014

They love the seaside

Cass about to make a very big splash

The boys and girls - David, Muffin, Daniel, Cass and Sadie

Daniel and Sadie

Cass in a "not very lady" like position

Cass and Sadie

Sadie - @ 2.5 years old,

Weight 26.9kg. Height 22 inches

6th May 2012

It was David's 14th birthday yesterday, but before any celebrations we took the girls and boys for a walk in Rushmere Country park. They had a great time, lots of

things for the boys to explore and plenty of water and muck for Cass and Sadie

to play in, what more could you ask for!

Here's our gang - Daniel, Cass, Sadie and David

Sadie practising for the hurdles race

Swimming Time

David and Cass found this fellow in the woods, but don't worry, he was very friendly

Quite please, Cass is about to read us all a story

The secret little house in the woods

Daniel looking very small lol

Off they go ready to explore

February 11th 2012

A completely frozen lake at Priory Country Park

Over the bridge we go!

Come on chase me!

Cass and Sadie

Priory Country Park in Bedford

Cass with a stick and Sadie with her head stuck in the snow as usual

What makes you think I've had my head in the snow?

Looking a bit like Santa Claus with her white beard

Daniel and the girls

11th February 2012

Having fun with David in the park

Will she or won't she?

12th July 2011

We had a lovely time on Sunday (10th July 2011 ) as Cass and Sadie met up with some of our local puppies from both litters. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and they all seemed to enjoy themselves and all were extremely well behaved lol

Ready steady go!

Follow the leader time 

Exploring the woods

Off course some had to stop and investigate a muddy puddle

Let's play

Cass is happy, finally some snow to play in!


30th November 2010

Sadie and her mum Cass, having a cuddle

Poppy, Sadie and Cass all ready for the park

Having a great time in the park

Cass and some of the gang, trying to get a family line up is not easy!

Party to celebrate the puppies 1st Birthday

Waiting nicely for more cheese 16th October 2010

Can't have a birthday party without cake lol

If the dogs get a cake, must not forget the humans lol

This is the lovely Millie( Alfie's sister) getting a treat, who also came to the party

All trying to be so good lol

Cass making sure the boy's football kit fits properly

Off course Sadie has to have a go too 26th September 2010

Relaxing with the boys after their swim

All very proud of themselves- Cass won 4th in junior handler class with Daniel and Sadie won 3rd in puppy class with David

This was their favourite spot in the tent, they do look very comfortable

Cass loves all the beaches in the Isle of White, Cass at 3.5 years old

Weight 34.7kg

Oh dear two very wet doodles

Watching the world pass by from the tent

Being nosey neighbours

Cass enjoying the boat trip home

Relaxing in the lounge onboard the boat, Cass is so chilled out she takes everything in her stride

Sadie takes after her mum and was also very relaxed on the boat, she was very good considering she had never been on one before

Cass and Daniel enjoying a cuddle

Cass trying to teach Sadie and Bonny to play tug of war, doodle style

I think Cass may be getting ganged up on!

Here comes the gang-Bonny,Poppy,Sadie and Cass

Family group shot - Bonny,Cass,Poppy and Sadie

(5th May 2010)

Oh mum! I can almost taste it

Keeping a very close eye on David's birthday cake

Look how high I can jump!

Teaching Sadie how to do the doodle bounce

Look what I've found

Here comes double trouble (22nd Feb 2010)

I think Sadie might just have got flattened by Cass

Learning some modeling poses off her mum.

Watch out Sadie here comes mum!

Cass and Sadie having a rest

David and Cass having a race 6th Jan 2010

Come on mum, let's play!

Cass enjoying her first view of Whitecliff Bay on her camping holiday to the Isle of Wight

May 2009

She can't wait to dive into the sea

Trying to say hello to a very shy chipmunk

Cass found herself a nice little house to have a rest in during our trip to Robin Hill Park in the Isle of Wight

Cass was not too sure about this fella at first and had a good old bark at him, but then decided he was friendly after all.

Making friends again, this time she wants to take him on a walk.

As usual Cass is happiest when she is doing whatever the boys are doing.

All aboard ( Robin Hill Park ) Isle of Wight

Cass at 15 weeks

Meeting with a Connamara pony on her first trip to Ireland.

Having fun playing in the snow ( February 2009 )

Have I got something on my nose?

This snow is very tasty!

On guard in the front garden

Cass on top of Diamond Mountain,

County Galway, Ireland

Shh don't tell mum, she'll never guess it was me that took it! 

She loves relaxing in the garden.

Cuddle time again

Typical Boys!

Waiting for their friend the Easter bunny

Easter 2015

Proudly showing off their Poppy bandanas they got for Remembrance Sunday

Our very pretty girls

Rosie, Sadie and Cass

13th May 2017

Doodle Meet

We had a wonderful day on Saturday at Marston Moretaine Forest centre meeting up with lots of our extended doodle family. It was so wonderful to see everyone. Think we had about 27 doodles in total, a couple had left before we took the main picture, they were all so well behaved and had such fun.


What a gorgeous bunch


On the day it was also lovely to see nearly all of Rosie's Summer Blooms who will be 1 year old in June.

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