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 Cass, Sadie,Rosie and Daisy our Labradoodles


6th March 2019

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Here are our little Trick or Treaters

All set for Halloween

Our Halloween Zombie pumpkin


Loving the snow

23rd March 2013

Ready, Steady, Go!

Cass, Rosie and Sadie

Lets dance

Click on the YouTube link to see the girls enjoying the snow, 23rd March 2013

Here's Sadie and Cass modelling their new bandanas

Sadie and Cass celebrating the Royal Wedding (29th April 2011 )

Cass, Alfie and Sadie

Cass getting covered in snow

18th December 2010

Have I got something on my nose?

Here comes Sadie

Cass trying to make a snow angel

Blending in!

Looks like Sadie's been trying to eat more snow again

Snowball catching time

Sorry the picture is not very clear, the snow had got so heavy by then we could hardly see in front of us!

Happy Halloween everyone

Another costume to try lol

Our Haunted Tree pumpkin

Scary skull pumpkin

Halloween 2010

Screaming Vampire

Nothing better than a double doodle cuddle lol

Jess, Daniel and Sadie

All ready for their walk

Jess, Sadie and Cass

Cass with her 2 daughters, Sadie and Brandy

11th September 2010

Cass, Digger and Sadie

On our trip to Devon we met up with Cass's mum ( Poppy ) and brother ( Digger ) 28th August 2010

Family line up - Poppy(Cass's mum) Digger( Cass's brother) Cass and Sadie ( Cass's daughter )

Sadie, Jess and Cass

Cass, Bonny and Sadie

Family pose - Sadie, Fudge and mum Cass

Here's David with Sadie and Fudge, we spent a lovely day and his family, it was lovely to see Fudge again

It's follow the leader time again - Cass, Fudge and Sadie ( 4th July 2010 )

Everybody watch the ball!

Sadie and Cass both enjoying cooling off

Cass taking the plunge, Sadie is having a think about it!

We've had our swim, now lets have a game of chase 

Lots of new smells to explore

Stockgrove Country Park 27th June 2010

David and Daniel enjoyed exploring all the trees

The gang altogether - David, Sadie, Daniel and Cass

Daniel, Cass and their new friend lol

David, Sadie and another new friend lol

Do you like my new hat?

Whatever mum can do! I can do too

Sadie found the bag of builders sand we have in the back garden and decided to help out wiith building the conservatory!

What me playing in the sand! what makes you think that?

David and his cuddly teddy bear lol

Sadie, Poppy and Cass

Daniel's favourite girls, Sadie, Cass and Jelly

Brandy wants a kiss from mum!

Sadie loves cuddling up to Cass

Jelly, Sadie and Brandy ( 3 sisters )

Keeping an eye on the Easter egg( Easter 2010)

Sadie's wondering where her egg is?

Right come on, lets play football

Jelly, Sadie and Cass enjoying the sunshine

4th April 2010

Cass relaxing, I wonder what the two in the background are up to?

Cass makes another new friend, she was ever so gentle with this little fellow we in the garden

She loves to be involved with everything that the boys get up to, so here she is all set to go swimming with them!

Cass likes to help with the gardening ( well she thinks it's helping, I think I might call it something else )

Caught in the act, she loves stealing socks she dosen't chew, or rip them ( she just likes to show you what she's got, hoping somebody will chase her )

Watch out he's behind you! ( London April 2009 )

Who say's a doodle can't play football.

Cass thinks that if Daniel can do it then so can she

Mmm Tasty.... A new Easter Bunny in training ( Easter 2009 )

All set to go Trick, Treating with the boys. ( October 2008 )

This is the lovely Ozzy - dad to Cass's 1st + 2nd litter's

Proudly wearing their Poppy bandanas for Remembrance Sunday 2016


What's this thing you call personal space dad?


Cass has absolutely loved the snow we have had. February 2019


Sadie and her daughter Rosie on neighborhood watch!


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