Ripper - Cody ( 0P )

 Cody the Labradoodle


4TH APRIL 2016


now known as Cody

Ripper was a wonderful deep apricot colour, it will be lovely to see how his coat developes, he loved too playfight and also once he found

his bark he loved to use it lol

Ripper @ 1 week old 

Ripper @ 4 weeks old

Ripper @ 6 weeks old

Ripper @ 8 weeks old

Weight 3kg

Ripper went to his new home in London on the 22nd of November 2012 and is now going to be known as Cody, we are looking

forward to seeing pictures of him as he grows.

Cody, looking very happy in his new home

Cody enjoying his 1st Christmas in his new home

Cody having fun with his best friends

13 Weeks old

Weight 6.5kg

What a big boy Cody has grown into

7 Months old

12 Months Old

How cute do these two look!

Happy 1st Birthday Cody

15 Months Old

Cody looking very grown up

What a handsome boy


What a gorgeous family

Cody was 3 years old on the 27th September 2015


What a cutie


Such a handsome looking fella


Just look at all those lovely smiles


Looking very comfy

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