Roo - Dexter ( 0P )

 Dexter The Labradoodle





Roo now known as Dexter

Roo was so laid back, he loved sleeping, I think it was his favourite pastime lol He had a wonderful calm nature and again like some of the others he would just melt into your arms for cuddles.

He also loved having a bath and he had a lovely dark apricot coat.

Roo @ 1 week old 

Roo @ 4 weeks old

Roo @ 6 weeks old

Roo @ 8 weeks old

Roo went to his new home in Kent on the 24th of November 2012 and he is now going to be known as Dexter, I'm sure he will

have a great time with his lovely new family.

Dexter enjoying his 1st christmas in his new home 

Dexter and his best friends 

All ready for Santa

Weight 7.6kg

Height 12 inches

Oh dear, I think someone's in trouble 

Here I come

Dexter meeting some new friends

Dexter looking absolutely gorgeous

I'm not very happy about this bath thing!

I'm still not happy!

Enjoying the snow

A very happy doodle

Slightly mucky

I didn't go in the muck, honest!

Wait for me!

Dexter looking very happy on the beach

17th May 2014

20 Months old

It is lovely to have Dexter back to stay for the weekend, he has got such a big boy and is off course delighted to have

the girls to play with. He was also very happy to see the boys

when they came home from school

Here's Dexter looking very happy

Give us a kiss Daniel, I haven't seen you for ages

The girls going one way, Dexter going the other!

Dexter and Rosie playing chase

Having a great time in the park

Right mum, we're tired now, let's go home

Cass, Rosie, Dexter and Sadie

Dexter was 3 years old on the 27th September 2015

9th November 2015

We are very sad to say that Dexter is now looking for a new home, due to no fault of his own, his owners can no longer give him the time he deserves. Dexter is back home with us and is enjoying spending time with the girls, we will do everything we can to find him the best possible home, he has such a sweet character and just loves his cuddles. It is fantastic that Dexter has now gone to live with one of our extended doodle families and will have the lovely Muffin to play with.

Looking so cute after his new haircut

Always such a happy chap

Did you know Dexter could fly?

Dexter is such a gorgeous boy

Welcome home Dexter

Rosie, Sadie, Cass and Dexter

17th November 2015

Dexter is having a great time with the girls, he really has settled in with no problems and is such a good boy. Playtime in the park is a firm favorite and we certainly have some tired doodles once they get back.

Dexter loves his blanket

Ready for a snooze after the park

3rd January 2016

We are delighted to say that Dexter has gone to live with his Auntie Muffin. It was so sad to see him go but we know he will have a great time with his lovely new family.


Dexter having a last cuddle up with his mum and sister Rosie before he goes to his new home


Dexter has had such a lovely time with the girls


Well it looks like Dexter has made himself very much at home with Muffin

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