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 Cass, Sadie, Rosie and Daisy our Labradoodles

Sadie's Spicy Bundles



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Nutmeg ( Daisy )

Sage ( Fraggle )

Dill ( Byron )

Cinnamon ( Lottie )

Basil ( Monty )

Pepper ( Darcy )

Below is an account of our time with the puppies from when they were born until they went to their new homes.

6th April 2014

Puppies 8 weeks old

We've been having a busy weekend, with lots going on for the gang, worming, vet checkup, 1st injections, which they were all so good during, not a sound from any of them and off course going to their new homes. It's always so hard to see them go, but we are delighted they have found such lovely homes and I can't wait to hear how they are all getting on. We just have two puppies left now, Pepper who goes home on Monday and Cinnamon who goes to her new home on Tuesday.







1st April 2014

Being kept busy as usual, the gang are enjoying more time out in the garden, into absolutely everything, the boys have their hands full trying to keep them out of mischief. They are certainly a lot louder now and love practicing their bark lol the girls have also been doing some modeling, I think they take after their mum, granny and big sister because they were very happy to do it as well.

Nutmeg with her best model pose!

Cinnamon is such a poser!

Please click on the Youtube link to see the noisy bundles

Me eating grass, what makes you think that! ( Dill )

Nutmeg just chilling

Crazy puppies ( Pepper and Sage )

Basil checking what he can find to eat, as usual

30th March 2014

Please click on the YouTube link to see the puppies having fun with their mum and big sister Rosie

29th March 2014

Our spicy bundles are now 7 weeks old and will soon be ready for their new homes, where I'm sure they'll get up to plenty of mischief just like they do here! They have such wonderful characters, all very different, but equally adorable, we will certainly miss them.







6th March 2014

The gang are keeping us busy, they absolutely love being out in the living room, causing all sorts of mischief, you certainly need to be quick going across the floor, as more often than not you find a puppy attached to your foot, ankle, leg, well any part of you really! They absolutely love the boys and Daniel has been busy doing his puppy training with the gang, we have a very clever bunch.

Please click on the YouTube link to see Daniel doing some puppy training.

Please click on the YouTube link to see the puppies having fun with Daniel

22nd March 2014

Can't believe the gang are 6 weeks old already, they are full of mischief and certainly keep us busy! They are always delighted to see everyone, especially the boys when they come in from school, as soon as they hear them their tails start wagging, it's so cute to see.







Please click on the link to see some puppy mischief in the livingroom

19th March 2014

The gang are having a lovely week being able to get out into the garden for some playtime, thanks to the weather we've been having. Mind you it's a good job I'm not too precious about our garden, because this lot are into absolutely everything, muck, flowers, pots, you name it they will get into it!

Here's Sage

Me! digging in muck, whatever gives you that idea! ( Dill )

Nutmeg loves running around

Basil and Pepper

Cinnamon with her big sister Rosie

Dave's getting kisses from Sage and Cinnamon

Time for a snooze in the warm conservatory after all that running around.

Please click on the YouTube link to see them having fun in the garden

15th March 2014

The gang are 5 weeks old today, it's hard to believe, they have grown so much and each has their own special character. They had a great time today having their first explore of our jungle, sorry I mean our garden lol the grass has not had it's first cut of the year yet, so they got plenty of exercise trying to run through it.

Sage enjoying the twig he found 

Hello mummy

Basil loved exploring

Please click on the YouTube link to see the gang having their first explore of the garden @ 5 weeks







14th March 2014

Well we have been having a week of manic playtimes and just complete general mayhem from the gang. They have now started flying around the living room on their daily run around, it was such a nice day today they also enjoyed spending time in the sunshine in the conservatory. They have also had their nails trimmed again today and all set for another round of worming to come tomorrow ( how we all love that! )

Keeping an eye on Rosie, to see what she's up to

Enjoying the sunshine

David enjoying a cuddle with Cinnamon

Dill's attempting a break out!

Pepper finds it all very funny

9th March 2014

The puppies are really starting to use their very sharp teeth now, our fingers and ankles must be very tasty, as they seem to be their favorite chew items! They all love their cuddles, most times I look one of the boys is in beside them getting their fix of puppy cuddles.

This is how Daniel has spent his Sunday morning, a pile of puppies and his iPhone, what else could a teenager want!

Cinnamon is a right little poser

This is what Netmeg thinks about getting her picture taken, cheeky little madame!

Dill's favourite position, fast asleep!

As you can see Sadie is very relaxed about the whole thing

Please click on the YouTube link to see the puppies playing together @ 4 weeks old

8th March 2014

Puppies 4 weeks old

Can't believe where the time is going and how much the gang are growing, we are right in the middle of manic playtimes, needle sharp teeth and just general mayhem ( but wouldn't have it any other way lol ) The puppies are having a busy weekend, showing all our visitors how cute they can be.







1st March 2014

Puppies 3 weeks old

What a difference a week can make, the gang are certainly keeping us busy. Today they had their first attempt at lapping up some milk, which they really enjoyed. Pepper, Nutmeg and Basil dived straight in, right greedy guts!

Their teeth are also starting to come through, we also extended their playpen area today, so now they have more space to explore. Cinnamon and Dill were trying their best to escape from the box anyway, so we knew it was time to extend it!

Sage loves to try and play with everyone, even if they are asleep!







First attempt at lapping some milk

I think Dill looks slightly stuffed lol

24th February 2014

All of their eyes are open, now the fun starts because they have started playing ( well trying to anyway ) with each other, this morning we had Basil string to suck Pepper's nose and Dill attempting to chew Sage's leg lol

Cinnamon and Nutmeg think they can run before they can walk, so their doing plenty of falling over! As you can see from the pictures we have some right posers already.







Please click on the YouTube Link to see the puppies @ 2 weeks old

22nd February 2014

Puppies 2 weeks old

The gang are getting quicker at their wobbling about, Basil was the first to open his eyes, the rest are almost all open as well now. We have had a very busy afternoon, they have had their nails cut and their first round of worming, so lots of head shaking and trying to spit it out ( they definitely don't like it! )

So as usual we end up wither on us, the joys of being puppy parents lol

Dill's a sleepy little man 

Nutmeg is a real cutie 

Sage, Pepper and Cinnamon


Sage using Pepper as a pillow

19th February 2014

10 days old

We've got wobbly puppies at the moment, they are trying to get up and walk, but have not quite got the hang of it yet! Their eyes should be soon opening and the playing together will then start, so exciting times ahead and lots of busy times for us!

Here are the gang

Basil, fast asleep

Please click on the YouTube link to see the gang enjoying their breakfast

Pepper and Sage having cuddles

Cinnamon makes herself very comfy

They all love to be cuddled up together, Dill and Sage

16th February 2014

All the gang are growing like mad, mind you I'm not surprised all they do is drink and sleep, Sadie is such a good mummy, it's also lovely to see that she is getting back to her usual self and she really loved her walk in the park today, definitely helped that it was nice and sunny, instead of the normal rain!

Here are the girls after their walk, Class, Rosie and Sadie

Cinnamon already knows how to get the best cuddles from mummy

Fed and very happy

Sage is making sure mummy isn't going anywhere

15th February

Puppies 1 week old

Well the gang are now a week old and we have finally agreed on their names, so we would like to introduce everyone to ...

Sadie's Spicy Bundles







12th February 2014

All the gang are doing well and certainly getting chubbier. Rosie is enjoying getting to know her new brothers and sisters and Sadie is very happy to let her come and say hello to them. We are trying our best to agree on their names, hopefully we'll be able to announce them soon!

I think this little fellow has had his fill!

It's ok mum, you have a rest, I'll look after my new brothers and sisters

It's granny's turn to do a bit of puppy sitting

Please click on the YouTube link to see Rosie helping out with the new arrivals

10th February 2014

Well two days on and all the gang are already changing, putting on weight and all seem very content. Sadie is taking very good care of them, she really is a super girl.

Getting bigger already, a little girl and her two brothers

Will my paw be as big as yours one day, mummy?

They love to cuddle up

It's such hard work being a puppy!

8th February 2014

We are delighted to announce that Sadie has given birth to 6 healthy puppies, we have 4 boys and 2 girls. Mum and puppies are doing well, Sadie is such a good mummy.

Here are the new gang

A very proud mummy

Dinner time, let me in there!

Peek a Boo

Hello, I'm your big sister

2nd February 2014

Sadie is now 8 weeks pregnant, we can now feel the puppies moving around, very lively bunch at the moment. Sadie is very relaxed and doing so well, she is such a good girl.

Her favourite position at the moment 

25th January 2014

Sadie is now 7 weeks pregnant and has certainly expanded around the waist lol she is taking things really easy and now enjoys a more leisurely stroll around the park, instead of the normal mad dashing, she now leaves that to Rosie!


Taking things easy, now 7 weeks pregnant

Sadie is an F3 cream/apricot medium size, with a non shedding fleece coat.

Sadie is around 22 inches to the shoulder and weighs 26kg

Waffle, dad to the puppies is an Australian miniature cream/apricot with a non shedding fleece coat

Waffle is around 19 inches to the shoulder and weighs around 15kg

Puppies will be 50/50's half Australian, half English F4 multi generation. Sadie has had all her health tests carried out, hips/elbows scored and clear eye test. Dad to the puppies is Waffle, who is an Australian miniature cream/apricot labradoodle, again he has had all his health tests done and has a exceptional temperment, just like Sadie. © 2003 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use