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 Sadie The Labradoodle


24th January 2016


Sadie's has had all her health tests carried out

Hip Score 3 - 4

Elbows 0 - 0

Current Clear Eye Test Certificate

Sadie is the puppy we decided to keep from Cass's litter. It was very hard to choose a puppy from the litter and with 14 it was nearly impossible lol

Over the weeks watching them grow we finally decided on Sadie ( who was then known as Honey ) she seemed very much like Cass and there was just something about her. She had a very cute face, mind you all the puppies were absolutely adorable.

Here are all the puppies at 6 days old

This is Sadie at 3 weeks old

What a difference a few weeks can make, Sadie at 7 weeks.

Sadie 11 Weeks old

Sadie is now 11 weeks old and was allowed out for her first walk on the 28th December. She was not too sure at first about going out the front door ( big scary looking place outside for a little puppy ) but she seen Cass going out so she decided to venture out. She had a good time in the park and loved being able to run off ( although didn't run too far from us lol )

Here comes Sadie!

So many new smells 

Sadie 12 Weeks old

Sadie and Cass have both absolutely loved all the snow we have been having, Sadie is now 12 weeks old and is certainly getting bigger and is trying her best to keep up with mum.

Sadie with the whole park to herself ( 6th Jan 2010 )

Where's my mummy gone?

Trying to catch up with mum

Sadie 14 Weeks old

Sadie is now 14 weeks old and is getting bigger, she loves going to the park with Cass and enjoys meeting all the different dogs there.

Definately getting bigger ( 14 weeks old )

It's such a hard life being a puppy! 

Sadie 16 Weeks old

Sadie is now 16 weeks old and is so much like Cass, she is a very laid back lady and is always so happy to see everyone. She likes to bring you a present when you come in the door, it's usually the first sock or shoe she can find lol.

Wake up Daniel, I want to play!

Not sure Sadie's got the right idea about how to catch snowballs

Where's everybody gone? (4 months old)

Growing so fast (Feb 2010)

Sadie absolutely loves the snow (22nd Feb 2010)

Sadie 5 Months old

Where does the time go, it's hard to believe that Sadie and all of Cass's pups are now 5 months old. Sadie is so much like Cass, a real mini me! Sadie is always so happy to meet new people and new doggie friends. She is very well behaved ( well most of the time lol ) there is the odd case of selective hearing, but after all she is only 5 months. She is a very happy puppy and herself and Cass get on so well together. Sadie is always wagging her tail, well it's more like her whole bum wagging actually lol.

I told you I'm getting bigger (time for a new bed lol)

Sadie loves her walks (13th March 2010)

Having a rest after her trip to the park

20th March 2010

Sadie went on her first doodle meet on Saturday 20th March and was delighted to meet her brother Milo. They had a great time together and Sadie was very tired (and filthy lol) afterwards.

Here's Sadie and Milo having fun

It's very tiring playing with your brother

Come on Milo! lets follow mum

31st March 2010

Sadie is really enjoying having her sister Jelly to stay and I'm sure like us she will really miss her when she has to go home again. Sadie has now been to her second doodle meet and absolutely loves them, she loves meeting new friends and of course meeting up with her brother Milo.

Here's Sadie with Cass

Very wet and very mucky, but looking very happy!

Did you know Sadie could fly?

How can one doodle get so wet and dirty?

4th April 2010

Sadie is having such a great time with Jelly, they had a lovely time today in the park with Cass and the boys, and for once it was lovely sunshine( makes a change from all that muck lol )

I think Sadie has just tackled David, red card I think! 

Taking a rest (4th April 2010)

Ready for kick off!

Sadie (modelling her Easter bonnet) with Jelly

5 Months old

Weight 19.5kg

Height - 21 inches

11th April 2010

Sadie and Jelly enjoyed another doodle meet again yesterday, nothing like a doodle meet for getting wet, filthy and worst of all smelly lol. The weather has been lovely the last few days so Sadie and Jelly are enjoying some fun in the garden as well.  

Here she is relaxing after her walk, lovely mucky paws!

How high do you think I can bounce?

Sadie loves sitting on here, so did Cass when she was younger and smaller lol

Having fun with Daniel

What a pretty girl

Sadie 7 months old

Sadie is now 7 months old, I cannot believe it! It seems like only yesterday that I was able to hold her in one hand, now she is having trouble fitting on my lap. She is really good and absolutely loves having cuddles, her recall is also pretty good, she loves to go off and say hello to other doggie friends we meet in the park, but once she has said her hello's then she comes galloping back lol. 

David getting a hug from Sadie

I think Sadie likes her new blankets lol

Getting a very big girl

Here's Sadie with David when we went to Wilen Lake in Milton Keynes, think she is pretending to be a lion as well.

Wet and mucky again, some things never change lol

Now this is just too mucky mum! I'm getting out of here

8 Months old

Sadie has now had her first haircut and is enjoying being nice and cool, especially as we now have very hot weather. She was very good and sat nice and still while David clipped her, she now looks even more like Cass lol. Sadie has now also had her first swim, we took her and Cass to Stockgrove Country park, Sadie was a bit unsure at first when she seen the lake, but soon decided to jump straight in.

Keeping an eye on the neighbours lol, also showing off her new haircut.

Here's Sadie just a little bit wet!

Sadie having her first swim, being watched by mum.

Enjoying getting mucky again after her swim

Stockgrove Country Park 27th June 2010

Sadie 8 Months old

Exploring with mum

7th July 2010

Sadie had a lovely time on Sunday(4th July) when we spent the day with her brother Fudge. They got on so well together and both Cass and Sadie were fast asleep

as soon as they got home.

Here's Sadie and Fudge all ready for a play fight

Sadie taking a 5 minute rest

I think Sadie's given up!

Watch out Fudge! Sadie's ready to pounce

Sadie loves meeting up with her brother's and sister's again, but her next most favourite thing to do is have cuddles. If your on the sofa, then Sadie is usually beside you looking for a cuddle.

Here she is waiting for her cuddle!

This is the life! I told you I would get a cuddle

9th July 2010

Sadie is delighted to have her sister Bonny staying with us again, she will be staying for 2 weeks. They get on so well together and luckily Sadie doesn't mind sharing her crate because Bonny loves sleeping in there.

Here's Bonny and Sadie

1st August 2010

Sadie loved having Bonny to stay, another partner in crime to get up to mischief with lol Sadie will soon be off on her first ever camping holiday, hopefully she will enjoy it as much as her mum does.

Bonny and Sadie

Want some help with the gardening mum?

Sadie, smiling as always

Belly rub time again lol

9 Months old

10 Months old

Sadie is now 10 months old, can't believe in another two months she will be a year old! She has just spent a lovely week camping in the Isle of Wight and she was so well behaved. She absolutely loved swimming in the sea and especially loved jumping over the waves lol. She also enjoyed jumping into our bed at night time and stealing all the covers.

Sadie can't wait to get to the sea

She absolutely loves the sea

Sadie's got the whole beach to herself

Sadie having a swim with mum

Keeping an eye on things from the tent

Relaxing on the boat on the way home from the Isle of Whight 

10 Months old

Weight 25.5kg

6th September 2010

Sadie was very happy today to see her sister Jess who is staying with us for 2 weeks. I'm sure they will have a great time over the next 2 weeks, I wonder what mischief they will manage to get up to? Sadie also enjoyed our trip to Somerset where she met her uncle and her grandmother and off course had a lovely time swimming in the sea.

Sadie and her sister Jess

Sadie and her uncle Digger

Ready to go swimming, Sadie's favourite pastime

11 Months old

Weight 26.5kg

31st October 2010

Sadie is now 1 year old and had such a great time at the puppy party, she loved meeting up with all her brothers and sisters again. She has really enjoyed the last two weeks as we have had Poppy staying with us while her owners were on holiday. Sadie loves it when we have any of the puppies back to stay.

Happy 1st Birthday

The after effects of the birthday party lol

Getting ready for Halloween

Count Doodle Dracula

Sadie and her sister Poppy

Sadie is such a sweetie!

Looking so comfy with mum

1st December 2010

Sadie is now almost 14 months old, and has just had another hair cut, it's typical as soon as she gets cut the weather has turned really cold. It's a good job she never stands still long enough to get cold, anytime we are in the park all she does is run around lol Sadie and Cass absolutely love the snow and although we have only had a little bit so far, they still have had a great time.

Sadie loves to pose for a picture lol

Bouncing about as usual

I've sat nicely! Can I go play now?

Tag mum, your it! 

Look what I've found

18th December 2010

14 Months old

Sadie is now 14 months old and has turned into a wonderful girl ( just like her mum ) she is so affectionate and just loves everybody she meets and she can never have enough cuddles lol Today we finally got some proper snow for the girls to play in, it started about 4 hours ago and it is still going, everywhere is completely covered. Cass and Sadie had such a great time in the park, they had the whole park to themselves ( I don't think anybody else was mad enough to venture out, apart from us!)

I love all this snow!

Come on everybody

Snow Doodle

I've got some snow boots

I wonder where she's been sticking her nose?

22nd December 2010

We are delighted to say that Sadie's hip score results have come back, it was horrible leaving her at the vets, when she had to go for the tests. Everything went fine, although she was a bit wobbly when we picked her up that afternoon, but she was soon back to her bouncy self lol

Health Test Results

Hip score 3 - 4

Elbows 0 - 0

1st January 2011

Sadie has had a wonderful christmas, along with all the new toys she got, she also had her sister Jelly staying with us over christmas. They had such a good time together and absolutely loved their christmas dinner.

             Jelly and Sadie, enjoying the first of many christmas presents.

Which one shall I play with first?

Sadie showing David one of her presents

2nd February 2011

Sadie is being such a good girl with all her new brothers and sisters, all 10 of them. She is so gentle with them and loves to help Cass make sure that they are nice and clean. I'm sure she will have a great time once they all start running around lol

Sadie with her favourite toy, a purple pig!

Sadie's making sure Cass and her new brothers and sisters are ok

1st May 2011

18 Months old

Sadie is now 18 months old and has turned into an absolutely amazing girl, just like her mum. Everyone that meets her falls completely in love with her, she has the most wonderful loving nature, she was so amazing with all of her new brothers and sisters. I'm sure she is going to have a wonderful summer as we have lots of her brothers and sisters due to come and stay and Sadie loves nothing better than playing with them when they come.

Here she is celebrating the Royal Wedding, 29th April 2011

19 Months old

Flying high as usual lol

Having a break

Here's Sadie with her mum Cass, they are the best of friends

Now I wonder what she's eaten that she shouldn't have?

Me! being naughty, that's so funny

22nd August 2011

Sadie is having the time of her life with having so many of her brothers and sisters coming to stay for their holidays. She is always so happy to see them and cannot wait to get to the park to have some fun. 

Here she comes with Muffin and Cass

Where's everyone hiding?

Cuddle time with Daniel

You count, I'll hide

Sadie and her best friend

You ain't nothing but a hound dog! She also does requests lol

Here's Sadie with her mum Cass and sister's Muffin and Jelly

28th September 2011

It is hard to believe that Sadie will be 2 years old in a few weeks time, Sadie has grown into such a character, so full of fun and she loves nothing better than getting cuddles. She has had a lovely 2 weeks of fun with her sister Jess who has been back for her holidays.

Sadie loves to sit like this on the sofa

Playtime in the park

Sadie and her mum Cass

Sadie is now 2 years old

14th October 2011

I'm SO funny!

Sadie's all ready to go trick or treating with her mum 

24th April 2012

Sadie is now 2.5 years old, she is the funniest girl and all she ever does is make us laugh, I'm surprised that she doesn't fall over the amount her bum waggles. She is always happy to see everyone, even if you've only been upstairs and come back down again.

She loves Cass to bits and they get on so well together.

Sadie loves spending time with her mum

Sadie and her cuddly Mr Fox

Sadie loves teddies

What's over there mum?

Taking a rest after their walk

Sadie likes to relax in the garden

One of her favourites spots

1st July 2012

Sadie was delighted to see her younger sister Lexie come to stay yesterday, she will be staying with us for a week and hopefully Sadie and herself won't get up to too much mischief lol

Here's Sadie with her younger sister Lexie

Sadie gives the best cuddles

Sadie always manages to get a lick in!

23rd March 2013

More snow for Sadie to play in, she loves it, especially sticking her head right into it. She has such a good time with Cass and Rosie, they have all been fast asleep since they came back from the park, having fun is hard work you know!

I'm sure the grass is under here somewhere!

Sadie with her daughter Rosie

Sadie loves the snow

Sadie is now 4 years old

Sadie and Rosie having fun on Hunstanton beach

Having fun with Daniel 

The lovely Sadie

Sadie had a great time with Jess when she came to visit

31st October 2013

Halloween time again and off course that means one thing in this house, it's dressing up time, which the girls love!

Sadie is happy to try on a few until she finds one she likes lol

Pretty Sadie

Does my head look big in this?

26th December 2013

Sadie loves Christmas, especially all the presents to open and also helping the boys open theirs. She has had lots

to keep her busy this year as we have her sister Muffin staying and her other sister Poppy and her son Eddie also came for Christmas.

Here's Sadie with her sister Muffin and her daughter Rosie

Sadie really is such a sweetie

Our very cuddly teddy bear

4th January 2014

Sadie is always such a good girl and has loved spending time with our visitors over Christmas, she has such a sweet nature but also is such a funny character.

Playtime with the gang

Sadie and Muffin having fun

Sadie is now 4 1/2 years old

30th August 2014

Sadie has had a busy summer, days out at the beach, having her brother Mac to stay, meeting up with her sister Jess, having her other sister Daisy to stay, dear me it is a hectic life for a busy doodle!

Here she is with Rosie after their swim

Sadie going diving

Sadie loves the beach

Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

Look how cute my ears are mum

Sadie with her daughter Rosie and her brother Mac

Sadie loved meeting up with her sister Jess 

Sadie is now 6 years old

24th January 2016

Sadie has enjoyed the little bit of snow we got last week, shame it wasn't more, they all love it. Apart from rolling in the snow, Sadie's other favorite past time is having a cuddle, usually with some of her teddy bears.


This is what Sadie spends most of her time doing in the snow


Me! rolling,

don't know what you mean!


I don't think you could get any more relaxed, please excuse the unladylike position!


Sadie loves her duck


Look who's been rolling in muck again, but how could you be cross when she greets you like this!


Another one of her many teddies to cuddle up to

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