Sadie's Aussie Beauts ( 1st Litter ) ( OP )

 Cass, Sadie, Rosie and Daisy our Labradoodles

Sadie's Aussie Beauts












Click on the photo's to see how the puppies are getting on in their new homes.

Ace ( Acer )

Bonzer ( Ozzy )

Boomer ( Dylan )

Dinkum ( Otis )

Joey ( Dusty )

Pash ( Eddie )

Ripper ( Cody )

Roo ( Dexter )

Sheila ( our Rosie )

Tucker ( Rio )

Below is an account of our time with the puppies, from when they were born until they went to their new homes.

18th December 2012

All of the puppies are now in their new homes, we were sorry to see them leave but are grateful they have gone to such lovely homes. We look forward to hearing how they are getting on and seeing pictures of them as they grow.

1st December 2012

It was very sad to see Joey go to his new home yesterday, but we still have Tucker and Boomer keeping us busy before they leave and off course Sheila and at the moment they are all trying to eat the laptop as I type!

The lovely Joey

A bit of a puppy pile up!

Joey, Sheila and Boomer

Boomer and Sheila

Here comes Boomer and Tucker

Cuddle time for Sadie and Tucker

Tucker's favourite spot

Sadie and Sheila looking very much like her mum! 

27th November

It now seems a lot emptier here now, as we just have Boomer, Tucker and Joey who are staying a bit longer before they go to their new homes. We also have Sheila, who is going nowhere as she is going to be our newest addition.

Please click on the YouTube link to see Sheila, Tucker, Boomer and Joey doing lots of doodle dashing!

Here's Tucker getting a cuddle from Boomer

What's Boomer found?

Joey looking very cute

There's always time for a chew!

Sheila saying hello to her granny

Look mum I'm sitting nicely ( for now )

Boomer having a cuddle with granny Cass

23rd November 2012

Puppies 8 Weeks old

Well, we have now gotten to the very sad stage for us, as the gang are starting to leave for their new homes. So far we have had Ripper and Dinkum leave yesterday and Bonzer left

today, to go live with his big brother Alfie, who is one of Cass's previous puppies.









It's a hard life having a scratch and a yawn at the same time lol



19th November 2012

The gang are now booked in for their 8 week injections on Wednesday and their next round of worming. We are very impressed with the way they have got the hang of using the wee mat, they certainly are a very clever bunch. The gang are going to have a very busy week, as they start to leave for their new homes from Thursday onwards.

Please click on the YouTube links to see the gang

Having a play with Daniel

Playtime with Mum and Granny

Manic Playtime

16th November 2012

The gang are now 7 weeks old it is hard to believe that in another weeks time they will be going to their new homes.

They are keeping us very busy and despite the lack of sleep and feeling of pure exhaustion, we will really miss them when they go. We will be off for another vets trip next week for their 1st injections, so that should be fun.

   Hello Mum  

You chew that side, I'll chew this!

Bonzer and Pash

I think Ripper is about to get pounced on



10th November 2012

Puppies 6 Weeks old

The puppies are now 6 weeks old and are certainly full of life and mischief. They love getting time to explore around the living room and enjoy having a play with mum and their granny Cass.






Joey ( wanted to play instead of pose )




Hurry up mum, I'm bored now!


You can see what she thinks about having her picture taken

5th November 2012

Getting bigger, noisy, sharp teeth, but very cute, that about sums up the gang at the moment. They are

extremely confident and don't seem to be bothered by anything, including a very noisy hoover, which they happily investigated.

Click on the YouTube link to see them help with the cleaning

Click on the YouTube link to see Sheila keeping her brothers in line!

3rd November 2012

The gang are now due for their next round of worming, so time for us to get covered again, they really don't like it! One thing they do love though is biting, absolutely anything and everything they can get their teeth into. So we have to be very quick otherwise you could end up with a puppy attached to your toes lol They also had their first bath this week and I must say they were all very good didn't seem to mind too much.

Help mum! I'm getting squashed

Drinks Time

Tucker and Bonzer trying to decide who's teeth are bigger


Let us out please! We'll be good honest

Bonzer, Boomer and Ace

Roo's very happy


Please click on the YouTube link to see Daniel spending time with the puppies

30th October 2012

Puppies are getting a lot bigger and noisier, plenty of play fighting and running going on. We have started to let them out in the living room for a little explore in the evening, they were very happy when they found Cass and Sadie's toy box

Please click on the YouTube Link to see Sheila making sure she keeps her toy.

Poor David's getting beaten up!

They can fall asleep anywhere

Quick run! before anyone see's

Boomer posing again

The gorgeous Roo


At least Bonzer is using his teeth on something other than our feet.

Look what we've found

Dinkum and Ripper have found a friend to cuddle up on

26th October 2012

Puppies 4 Weeks old

The gang are now onto solid puppy food, thankfully no more mushy mess, all of their teeth are now through and we certainly know about it! They love playing together and have also started to play with the toys.

Here's Sadie's Aussie Beauts at 4 weeks old











21st October 2012

Puppies 24 days old

The gang have been having lots of first time experiences these last few days. They have had their first go at eating mushed up puppy food, as you can imagine more ended up on them than actually in their mouths lol

They have also been able to explore more of their area, as we have now extended it. It is amazing how quickly they are also getting the hang of using the wee mat.

Please click on the YouTube link to see the puppies 

Ripper about to get stuck in, or possibly fall in! 

Pash might be the smallest, but not for long by the way he's going!

The after effects of eating, all slightly stuffed

Their first explore of their new area

Click on the youTube link to see how the gang get on

Pash thinking about it, but not quite able to get there

Joey just thinking things over lol

The gorgeous Ace

Please click on the YouTube link to see a big puppy pile up, but Dinkum is happy to sleep where he fell lol

18th October 2012

Puppies 3 Weeks old

We are definitely in the loud stage, with lots of barks and growls going on. There are mad bursts of manic play together and then it's sleep time, mind you for some reason they seem to think that 3:30am is a good time to play, not too sure I'd agree with that!

Cuddle time

Who you looking at!

( Boomer )

As you can see, it's a tough life for Cass being a granny

Tucker and Dinkum having a little snooze

A big pile up!

15th October 2012

Puppies 18 days old

The gang are getting steadier on their feet and louder lol The play fighting has begun and also they have started to wag their tails, which looks so sweet, Tucker was the first to wag his.

It will soon be time to extend their whelping box so they can have a play area, that's when the fun starts!

Please click on the link to see a youtube video of the puppies starting to play

Dinner Time

All very relaxed

11th October 2012

Puppies 2 Weeks old

It is hard to believe that the gang are 2 weeks old already, nearly all their eyes are now open and they are getting faster on those wobbly legs. All went very well at the vets yesterday but they are definitely not happy about the worming they have to have, some pretty funny faces being pulling when they are given it!

Ripper and Dinkum haven't quite got the hang of getting their picture taken!

Joey and Sheila

Boomer taking a rest on Roo

Ace and Bonzer, two very sleepy puppies

Pash using Tucker as a pillow

8th October 2012

Puppies 11 days old

The puppies are now 11 days old and are starting to waddle about on very unsteady legs at the moment. Their eyes should be opening in the next few days.

They are booked in for their first trip to the vets on Wednesday for their 2 week check up and first lot of worming from past experience I know they won't like that!

All this sleeping is such hard work!

Tucker getting a cuddle from his brother Roo

Pash (orange collar) is at the bottom of that pile being kept warm lol

David's got his hands full, it's a good job Sadie is there to help.

4th October 2012

Puppies 1 Week old

Puppies are now a week old and they are doing so well, we have finally decided on their names and would like to introduce everyone to...

Sadie's Aussie Beauts











1st October 2012

The puppies seem to have already gotten a lot bigger and some of their ears have started to flap over. They are making such cute noises but you can also start to hear the beginning of what will eventually be little barks.

Big sister taking care of her little brother

We've got a bit of a puppy pile up! 

30th September 2012

Puppies 3 days old

The puppies are all doing well and gaining weight, Sadie is being a super mum. They love to cuddle up under and along her paws and legs.

A puppy's life is such a hard one

Sadie looking very happy

What you doing on there?

This little fellow is making sure mum won't go anywhere

27th September 2012

We are delighted to announce that Sadie has given birth to 10 healthy puppies. Mum and puppies are doing so well and she is being so good with them.

Sadie's making sure they are all clean

All very relaxed

I think this little chap is a bit confused about which way he should be facing lol

Dinner time

 Puppies are 50/50's half Australian, half English. Sadie has had all her health tests carried out, hips/elbows scored and clear eye test. Dad to the puppies is Waffle, who is an Australian miniature cream/apricot labradoodle, again he has had all his health tests done and has a exceptional tempermant, just like Sadie.

Sadie, F3 cream/apricot medium size, non shedding fleece coat.

Waffle, Australian miniature cream/apricot non shedding fleece coat 

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