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 Alfie The Labradoodle


8th October 2015

Biscuit now known as Alfie

Biscuit was a real sweetie and loved to have a good play fight with his brothers and sisters. He was very laid back and never made a fuss, he was just happy to go along

with whatever was going on. Biscuit ended up being the biggest boy from the litter.

Enjoying his sleep @ 3 weeks old

After having a bit too much milk @ 4 weeks old

He got a bit fed up waiting to have his picture takee @ 8 weeks old

Biscuit went to his new home in Milton Keynes on the 9th December 2010 and is now going to be known as Alfie

Just arrived in his new home

What a cutie

Alfie's 1st Christmas in his new home

I think he likes his present

Enjoying his very 1st walk @ 10 weeks old

What a handsome doodle

24th January 2011

Alfie is now 15 months old and what a very handsome boy he has turned into, it is lovely to see the pictures of him in the snow, I'm sure he loved it as much as Cass and Sadie do.

Looking so much like Cass

Enjoying the snow

Alfie and his best friend

How lovely

31st March 2011

We are delighted to have Aflie staying with us for the weekend, he has grown into such a wonderful looking boy and very big lol Alfie, Sadie and Cass have

just had a lovely run around the park and they are all now fast asleep.

Here comes Alfie 

Getting a treat for being a good boy

Exploring the woods with his mum and sister

21st July 2011

We were delighted to have Alfie stay with us for a few days again, he is such a good boy and gets on so well with his mum and sister, they have a great

time in the park together.

Sadie and Alfie

Alfie and Sadie enjoying some family time together

Trying to decide who's tongue is bigger 

Chase Time

There goes Alfie

Mum trying to keep the two in line ( it's a tough job )

14th October 2011

Alfie is now 2 years old

21st May 2012

We are delighted to have Alfie come back for his holidays, we think he has got even bigger since we seen him last, just like a huge cuddly bear. He has

already had a great time with the girl in the park and even met a new friend.

Certainly hasn't taken him long to settle in 

Alfie, Sadie and Cass 

Come on you lot!

A game of chase with Sadie

Lots of new places to check out

Alfie also found a new friend

26th May 2012

Alfie is being such a good boy, as always, they are all enjoying the lovely weather we are having at the moment. Lots of sunshine and at least no wet doodles

at the end of the walk. Alfie also got to meet his sister Brandy today who joined

us for our walk in the park, so they are all very happy now and are fast asleep.

Sadie and Alfie, seeing who's teeth are whiter

Here's Alfie with his other sister Brandy, who joined

us for our walk in the park today

Having a race, Sadie, Brandy and Alfie

Here they come! Sadie, Brandy and Alfie

All ready for home - Alfie, Sadie, Brandy and Cass 

1st June 2012

I'm sure Alfie enjoyed himself with Cass and Sadie while he was here, he's probably glad of the rest now that he has gone home again, the

girls certainly know how to keep him busy lol

Showing off his big smile 

Alfie getting a bit ganged up on by Cass and Sadie

10th August 2012

Alfie's has come back to stay again and along with Cass and Sadie, he has also got Muffin to play with as well. The girls

certainly gave him a good run around the park this morning,

three against one, I'm not sure if that's fair, but he definitely

looked like he was having fun.

Watch out Alfie, here comes the girls 

Alfie loved rolling in the wet grass

The gorgeous Alfie

Having a great time in the park

Alfie and his mummy, Cass

13th August 2012

Alfie is having a great time with the girls, they all have a manic play in the park and then collapse for the rest

of the day.

Alfie relaxing on the sofa

22nd August 2012

Alfie enjoyed his time with the girls, but I think he might be just missing them a little since he's gone home,

at least he's got a friend to cuddle up to.

Where's my mum and sister gone?

Alfie and his best friend

Alfie is now 3 years old

27th November 2012

We are pleased to say that Alfie is now an uncle and has let Bonzer from Sadie's 1st Litter come and live with him.

He is being very good and I'm sure they will have lots of

fun together.

Mum I think there's someone behind me!

As you can see Alfie is happy to share his sofa

1st June 2013

It's great to see Alfie again, he is always so good when he is here and off course this time he has also come back with his nephew

Ozzy. They are both having a great time with the girls.

Where has everyone gone?

The lovely Alfie

Follow me!

 Alfie, Ozzy, Rosie and Sadie

9th June 2013

As always Alfie has been a delight to have here, he loves the girls and has a great time playing chase in the park.

I'm sure he'll be glad of the rest at home, as it's non stop

games of chase in the park here.

Alfie on the run

Another game of chase!

The handsome Alfie

Run Alfie!

31st December 2013

It's lovely having Alfie and Ozzy back to stay again, the girls are delighted and off course they also get to see Muffin, who is staying with us as well.

As you can see Alfie comes and makes himself completely at home.

Alfie's getting lots of fuss and cuddles along with everyone else, it's a full time job for the boys!

Here's Alfie with Rosie and Ozzy

4th January 2014

It's always lovely to see Alfie again and off course he's always so good when he's here, Rosie and Ozzy certainly

keep him busy.

Here's Alfie

It's hard work keeping the young ones in line

4th October 2015

It's lovely as always to have Alfie and Ozzy come for a visit. They have been doing lots of playing in the park with the girls and lots of sleeping afterwards lol

Run Alfie, Ozzy's gonna catch you!

Having fun with Sadie and Ozzy


Alfie spending some time on the trampoline


Rosie and her Uncle Alfie


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