Sheila - Rosie ( 0P )

 Rosie the Labradoodle


16TH APRIL 2017

Sheila now known as Rosie

Rosie is our newest addition, even though she was the only girl with 9 brothers, she was well able to keep the boys in line! She was the first puppy to try and get out of the whelping box and as the weeks went by she grew

more and more like her mum, Sadie.

Rosie @ 1 week old 

Rosie @ 4 weeks old

Rosie @ 6 weeks old

Rosie @ 8 weeks old

15th December 2012

11 Weeks old

Rosie is now 11 weeks old and is enjoying being able to go to the park with her mum and granny. She is staying close to us, as it's a big scary place out there, with lots of new things to experience, but she is getting more confident every day.

Here she is having a cuddle with mum after their walk in the park.

12 Weeks old

Weight 7.3kg

13 weeks old

Weight 7.6kg

27th December 2012

Rosie has had a lovely christmas, especially as her auntie Poppy has also been to stay with us and her brother Eddie also came for one night.

Happy Christmas from Rosie

Rosie having a cuddle with her Auntie Poppy

Rosie having fun with her mum, granny and her auntie

Rosie and her brother Eddie ( who used to be known as Pash )

16 Weeks old

Weight 10.75kg

Rosie has loved all the snow we have had and she is such a good girl on her walks. She has also enjoyed having her uncle Ozzy staying here for his holidays, they have had a great time together.

Here comes Rosie!

She has loved all the snow

Rosie and her mum Sadie

Oh dear, Rosie's just gotten rolled by Sadie

Family Time

Sadie (mum ) Cass (granny ) Brandy ( auntie ) Ozzy ( uncle ) and Rosie

20th February 2013

Rosie is now almost 5 months old, she is growing into such a wonderful doodle and has such a funny character just like her mum Sadie. She loves her walks in the park, goes off to say hello

to everyone and is very good at coming back when called.

She was delighted to see her brother Eddie today, who has come to stay for a few days.

I think Rosie is about to be ambushed by Sadie

Rosie is getting a big girl

Rosie enjoying a cuddle with mum

Rosie was happy to see her brother Eddie today, who is staying for a few days.

23rd March 2013

More snow again for the girls to enjoy, Rosie absolutely loves it and she had a great time in the park this morning with Cass and Sadie.

Her favorite pastime is playing chase with her mum, so lots of rolling and in Rosie's case being rolled, happening.

Catch me if you can, Rosie trying to keep up with mum

Rosie's in trouble!


Lets play mum

Who's going to win?

ME spoilt! What ever makes you think that?

6 Months Old

Weight 14.8kg

Height 20 inches

Enjoying the sunshine

A happy gang

I'll push you Daniel

Oh dear, mummy teaching Rosie some bad habits

9th June 2013

8 Months old

Rosie is now 8 months old and has had her first haircut and now looks the absolute imagine of her mum Sadie. She has had a lovely week as she has had her brother Ozzy

and her uncle Alfie here to stay for a visit. You can imagine

the running and manic playing there has been in the park.

Rosie showing off her first haircut   

Rosie and her mum Sadie

Tug of war time with her brother Ozzy

9 Months Old

Rosie making herself very comfy

No wonder we can never find socks in this house!

10 Months Old

Rosie has been a busy girl over the last month, she has enjoyed spending a few days with her uncle Mac who came to stay.

She also had her first trip to the seaside, we took them all to BroardStairs in Kent. She absolutely loved it and was straight in the sea for a swim, we had 3 very tired girls at the end of our trip.

Rosie and Mac doing a little dance

Rosie loved playing with her uncle Mac

Rosie's 1st trip to the beach with mum and granny

Lets go for a swim

What can be better than a game of chase with mum on the beach.

11 Months Old

Rosie is a sweet as always, she is such a character, she has her brother Acer and her uncle Mac staying for the weekend, so off

course that means, playtime, playtime and more playtime!

It's such a hard life being a doodle.

Here's Rosie, looking so much like her mum

Rosie always has such a good time with her uncle Mac

I think she's about to catch her brother Acer

Rosie and Acer

27th September 2013

Rosie is now 1 year old

12 Months Old

Rosie has had a lovely couple of weeks with her auntie Jess who came to stay for her holidays. She certainly had fun

out running her in the park.

Rosie having fun with her auntie Jess

No matter how hard Jess tried, Rosie was just way to quick for her!

Happy 1st Birthday Rosie

31st October 2013

13 Months Old

This is Rosie's first proper Halloween and of course just like her mum and granny she is happy to dress up.

The love of dressing up definitely runs in the family!

Quite an apt costume for little Rosie

She will let you do absolutely anything to her!

"Bad To The Bone" definitely not!

Am I a good witch or bad witch? You decide!

31st December 2013

15 Months Old

Rosie has had a very busy couple of months with lots of her family back for visits. She also enjoyed Christmas, with lots of presents to open and a special Christmas dinner.

Rosie had a lovely time with her brother Acer

Rosie is growing into a very pretty girl

Cuddle time with David is always the best

Our Christmas Doodle December 2013

Right to left, Rosie with her family - Auntie Muffin, Mum Sadie and Granny Cass

Rosie is such a funny character

4th January 2014

Rosie has had a great time with all our visitors over Christmas, especially their time in the park, coming back

absolutely black, with all the wet weather we've been having.

Nap time

Relaxing with her mum, it's such a hard life!

17th April 2014

19 Months Old

Weight 17.5kg

Rosie has been such a good girl with her new brothers and sisters, they kept her quite busy!

She has also just come back from Ireland and had such a good time there, it was her first trip and she was really good on the journey and absolutely

loved meeting all the sheep and baby lambs. Best

of all was the daily trips to the beach.

Rosie on puppy sitting duty

Rosie liked to sit in with her mum while it was feeding time for her brothers and sisters.

Rosie loved the beach in Ireland

The White Strand Beach

Here comes Rosie!

Playing chase with mum

Cass, Sadie and Rosie, happy to be in Ireland

Rosie also enjoyed meeting her brother Rio while we were in Ireland.

9th August 2014

23 Months Old

Rosie is certainly growing into a lovely girl, she loves everyone, although sometimes she likes to give a

back if not sure, working on that, but just like her mum and granny her temperament is wonderful. As always she is never happier than when she's in the middle of a cuddle.

Here she is with her uncle Mac, who is here for a visit  

Cuddling up with teddy

Rosie and her granny Cass

Copying granny

22nd August 2014

Weight 17.7kg

Rosie is certainly keeping Mac busy while he is here, they all had a great time at the seaside, we went to Hunstanton Beach for the day.

Rosie spent most of the day non stop running and swimming.

More swimming for Rosie and Sadie

This is how you dry off

Here's Rosie with her mum and granny

Are you coming swimming David?

27th September 2014

Rosie is now 2 years old

Rosie enjoyed spending time with her baby sister Lottie when she came to stay

Happy Christmas from Rosie

Christmas 2014

Rosie is such a happy girl

Rosie just loves snow

Health Test Results

Hips 4-5

Elbows 0-0

Current Clear Eye Test Certificate

13th February 2015

We are delighted to say that Rosie has had her 1st litter of gorgeous puppies, she had 3 girls and 2 boys

All are doing really well and she is being such a good mummy.

A very happy looking mummy

8th November 2015

Rosie is now 3 years old ( hard to believe how fast the time goes. As always she is such a sweetie and her favorite thing in the whole world is cuddles, closely followed by getting mucky! She has had a busy few weeks, she had a super time when her brother Ozzy came to stay and of course Halloween is always a major event in this house, well any excuse to dress up.

Rosie 1

Trick or Treaters 0

" No trick or treaters were harmed in the making of this picture"

Here's our little witch

I want cuddles

The best pillow you can have, is your mummy

Rosie loved having her brother Ozzy here for a visit

24th January 2016

Rosie enjoyed the little bit of snow we had, it was nice to have some cold weather, at least the girls were coming home a bit less mucky. Rosie as always is such a character and is a complete cuddle bug.

Here she is with her mummy Sadie

Enjoying a walk in the sunshine

Catch me if you can!

I think someone's been eating muck, can you guess who!

Cuddle time with teddy

Not sure how comfortable this looks!

Rosie is now 3 1/2 years old

30th August 2016

Rosie has certainly had a busy couple of months, on the 18th June she had her second and final litter. We had seven gorgeous puppies, 5 boys and 2 girls. As before Rosie has been a super mum.

What a very proud mummy she is

So sweet

Here are Rosie's Summer Blooms Top to Bottom - Daisy, Bracken, Rowen, Primrose, Clover, Aster and Ren

Rosie with our newest addition, her daughter Daisy

No matter what, Rosie is still the cutest baby in the house!

There's still always time for some dress up as well


Rosie's favorite place to be, Hunstanton Beach


Having fun with her daughter Daisy


Rosie celebrating St Patrick's Day


Our cute little Easter chick

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