Sherbert - Ozzy ( 0P )

 Ozzy The Labradoodle


25TH AUGUST 2017


now known as Ozzy

Sherbert was such a little cutie and loved having cuddles, he was extremely playful and loved nothing better than having a good old rough and tumble with his brothers and sisters.

Sherbert @ 3 weeks old

Sherbert @ 5 weeks old

Sherbert @ 7 weeks old

Sherbert went to his new home in Berkshire on the 11th December 2010 and is now going to be known as Ozzy ( just like his dad )

Ozzy's 1st Christmas in his new home

Being such a good boy @ 10 weeks old

Lots of presents

5 Months old

Looking very smart after getting brushed

What an adorable face (8th April 2010)

What a very handsome(and big) boy Ozzy is turning into

Weight 20.3kg

Height - 25" to the shoulder

Happy 1st Birthday

14th October 2011

Ozzy is now 2 years old

Ozzy looking very much like his mum

Having a rest in the sunshine

What a handsome boy, Ozzy has turned into

Ozzy now age 2 years old

10th January 2013

Ozzy is now 3 years old

Weight 40kg

It is wonderful to have Ozzy come back to stay, this is the first time we have seen him since he left as a puppy and he has grown into the most wonderful looking doodle. He is very big and looks very much like his mum Cass, he has also got his younger brother Mac to play with while he is here, so they are having a good time together.

Ozzy and his younger brother Mac

Ozzy showing off his lovely white teeth

14th January 2013

Ozzy enjoyed spending time with his younger brother Mac, who has now gone home. Ozzy and the girls had a great time today in the snow, they absolutely loved it, I guess it's better coming home covered in snow rather than muck!

Ozzy having fun with Rosie and Sadie

Here comes Ozzy

Playing in the snow is tiring work, you know

Doing a bit of modelling with his sister Sadie

Cass, Sadie and Ozzy, how sweet

27th January 2013

It has been lovely having Ozzy here, he has been a very good boy and we shall miss him. He has loved all the fun in the snow with the girls and yesterday he even met his other sister Brandy, who came for a walk in the park with us.

Having fun with his sister Brandy

There goes Ozzy

Ozzy and Rosie had a great time together

The gorgeous Ozzy

Ozzy is now 7 years old


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