Sherry - Molly ( 0P )

  Molly The Labradoodle



Sherry Now Known

as Molly

Sherry had a lovely dark apricot coat and she was the curliest out of the girls, it will be interesting to see how her coat turns out. Sherry was also huge, she loved her milk lol, she was very quick learning to use the paper for the toilet and she was one of the first to get the hang of it.

Sherry @ 6 days old

Sherry @ 4 weeks old

Sherry pulling funny faces

@ 6 weeks old

8 Weeks old

Sherry was our first puppy to go to her new home on the 17th of March 2011. She now lives in London, she may bump into her older brother Fudge and sister Bonny, from Cass's 1st litter, who also live in London. Sherry is now going to be known as Molly.

What a pretty girl she is turning into

Showing off her new collar and tag

9 Weeks old

Weight 6.9kg

Molly having a rest

Molly having a great time in Richmond Park

15 Weeks old

Weight 13kg

Molly doing what doodles do best, being dirty lol

4 Months old

Lovely and clean now, but how long will it last!

5 Months old

Weight 16.5kg

Height 20.5 inches

Molly looking very big

Guess who's been paddling in a mucky puddle

Even being filthy, she still looks adorable


Weight 19kg

Time for a snooze

Molly's getting a very big girl

Before her first visit to the groomers

All set to go ( Before )

Looking very pretty ( After )

7 Months old

Weight 22kg

Molly now 7 months old

Molly showing off her lovely curly coat

Molly, showing that doodles love to sleep in the strangest positions

What a stunning girl Miss Molly is!

20th January 2012

Molly is now 1 year old

Doing what doodles do best, relaxing

Revealing all!

Looking very soft and cuddly

Charged with being wet and stinky lol

What a lady!

Molly is now 3 years old

Molly is now enjoying country life in Sussex

Molly is now 4 years old


It's a hard job checking for all the rabbits each morning


Having lots of fun living in the country

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