Stella - Daisy ( 0P )

  Daisy The Labradoodle


18th December 2018

Stella now known as Daisy

Stella was full of mischief and if she was awake so was everyone else, she loved to play with her brothers and sisters, she also enjoyed ripping up the newspaper, I think that was her favorite game lol

Stella @ 6 days old 

Stella @ 4 weeks old

Stella @ 6 weeks old

8 Weeks old

Stella went to her new home in Hertfordshire on the 18th of March 2011 and she is now going to be known as Daisy, I'm sure she is going to have great fun, what a lucky puppy she is to have such a hugh garden to play in.

11 Weeks old

Weight 9.55kg

Is it my turn yet?

Daisy among the bluebells

What a pretty girl she is turning into

5 Months old

Weight 18.6kg

4th October 2011

It is lovely to see Daisy again, she is settling in really well and is having fun with Cass and Sadie. She is now almost 9 months old and has gotten very big.

All the girls together

Cass, Daisy and Sadie

Daisy showing off her big smile

Tug of war time

9th October 2011

Daisy will be going home tomorrow morning, I'm sure she has enjoyed her time with us, she certainly loves playing chase with Sadie in the park lol They have got on so well together and of course Cass has kept them in check making sure they didn't get into too much trouble.

Playing chase again 

Come on! Chase me!

Daisy is such a pretty girl

Here comes Daisy

Going so fast she was hardly able to stop!

Please take us home mum! we need a rest now

20th January 2012

Daisy is now 1 year old

Daisy is such a cutie

Happy 1st Birthday

What a lovely looking birthday cake

Getting to blow out her candles

Waiting patiently to open her presents

Daisy and her dolly

Daisy enjoying a walk on a lovely frosty morning

30th March 2012

Cass and Sadie are delighted to have Daisy come back to stay with us for the weekend. They all had a great time in the park this afternoon and Sadie and Daisy then spent most of the evening playing in the garden. 

Here's Daisy, looking very happy after her playfight with Sadie

Sadie and Daisy

1st April 2012

We had a lovely weekend with Daisy, she is such a good girl and had a great time chasing Sadie around the park, hard to get pictures as they were going so fast lol She is a real sweetie and loves giving licks, she especially enjoyed giving David and Daniel lots of licks. We look forward to having her back again later in the year.

Cass keeping a watchful eye on the girls, making sure they don't get into too much trouble

Daisy loves to run 

You go that way mum, I'll go this way!

Click on the YouTube link to see Daisy and her sister Sadie having fun  

30th October 2012

It is lovely having Daisy here again, as she gets to meet all the new arrivals, she was really not too sure at first, but now she goes to say hello to them and once they start getting noisy she leaves.

Daisy says hello to Pash

It's hard work being an auntie you know!

I'm glad you lot are in there and I'm out here 

17th November 2013

It has been lovely having Daisy to stay for the weekend, as always she has been such a good girl and has had a great time with

the girls. They have all had a super time in the park, getting wet

and completely filthy, not that their bothered in the slightest!

Chase time as usual with Sadie

Watch out, here comes Daisy!

Sadie, Daisy and Rosie

Off they go!

Wet and dirty, but a very happy bunch!

Daisy, Cass, Rosie and Sadie

Daisy showing off her ribbon and best in show trophy with her best friend

Daisy is now 3 years old

30th August 2014

Daisy's back! as lovely and as happy as always, herself and Rosie have had their manic play in the garden already and we're off

out to the park this morning to have a proper game of chase.

Daisy is such a gorgeous girl

Daisy and her mummy Cass

Rosie, Daisy and Cass

1st September 2014

Daisy is having a great time and is being such a good girl while she is here, she loves going for walks with our girls and gets so excited when we get the

leads ready. She is going home tomorrow and we will definitely miss her.

Having a game of chase with Sadie

They're all having such a good time

It's tiring work all this having fun!

Can we go home now, I'm tired

Making herself very much at home, relaxing in

the conservatory after her walk

Daisy is now 5 years old

31st August 2016

It's great to see Daisy again and this time she gets to meet our little Daisy. As usual it's all excitement in the park with the girls, complete non stop running, from start to finish and then back home to sleep for the rest of the day!

What a cute bunch, Daisy, Sadie, Cass and Rosie

Daisy is so lovely

Ready for take off, by the looks of those ears

Daisy with her mummy Cass

All more than ready for home, just look at those tongues!

The lovely Daisy, enjoying the park

Ready to go!

Here she comes

Can you spot them all?

Who needs a pot of gold, when you can find a beautiful doodle at the end of the rainbow

23rd October 2016

It's lovely to see Daisy again, she is always welcome anytime, she is such a good girl and always gives great cuddles.

Here's Big Daisy with our little Daisy

The gang - Rosie, Daisy and Sadie ( on the sofa )

Daisy, Eddie and Cass

Daisy having fun with her mummy Cass

Watch out Rosie, here comes Daisy

Daisy's having such a good time

There's always time to relax in the sunshine

***Please click on the YouTube link***

Daisy's having fun with the gang

3rd August 2018

It's so lovely to see Daisy again, she's as gorgeous as every and was very excited to see everyone again.

I think Daisy is very happy to be back.

We've now got a big daisy and a little Daisy

All waiting patiently for me to open the boot for them to jump in after their walk, such a good bunch.

Daisy is now 7 years old

18th December 2018

It's lovely to have Daisy here again, she fits right in as if she's never been away, all the gang love her and their favorite thing is off course a game of chase!


Ready, Steady, Go!


Wait for me!


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