Strudel - Alfie ( 0P )

 Alfie The Labradoodle


10th April 2015


now known as Alfie

Was a real sweetie and was such a happy little chap, he loved giving everyone loads of licks. I think he also took after his mum because as he got bigger he loved having

his picture taken.

Strudel @ 3 weeks old

Strudel relaxing @ 5 weeks old

Strudel @ 7 weeks old

Strudel went to his new home in Wales on the 12th December 2010 and is now known as Alfie

Looks like he is getting on with his new big sister, Millie the doodle

How Sweet

Alfie's 1st Christmas in his new home

Helping to open the presents

How adorable @ 12 weeks

Enjoying the snow

6 Months old

Weight 27kg

Height 23 inches

What a handsome boy!

Alfie and his best friend, the lovely Millie

25th April 2010 @ 6 months old

18 Months old

Alfie will be 18 months old on the 14th of April 2011, here are some pictures of him enjoying the snow we had in December with his best friend Millie

Have I got something on my nose?

Alfie's best friend, Millie

14th October 2015

Alfie is now 6 years old


So handsome


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