Sugar - Jelly ( 0P )

Sugar The Labradoodle

Sugar now

known as Jelly

Sugar was a very laid back and happy little puppy, from the very first moment she was born she was Daniel (our son's) favourite. Sugar was also quite curly from very early on, so again it will be interesting to see her developing coat and how much it will change.

Sugar @ 3 weeks old

Sugar @ 5 weeks old

Sugar @ 7 weeks old

Sugar went to her new home in Surrey on the 11th of December 2010 and is now going to be know as Jelly

Getting much bigger @ 9 weeks old

Settling in and making friends

Jelly getting so big @ 4 months old

24th March 2010

We are very excited because Jelly has come back to stay with us for 2 weeks while her new owners go on holiday. She is such a sweetie and Sadie absolutely loves her. She is being so good and has settled back in with us as if she has never been away, I think she even remembers Stretch lol

Jelly @ 5 months old 24th March 2010

31st March 2010

We are all having a great time with Jelly, she has such a lovely nature (just like her mum!) and is always so happy. She gets so excited when the boys come home from school each day, it's so lovely to see. We took her to her 1st doodle meet on Saturday 27th with Cass and Sadie, she had such a great time, she even met her brother Milo. She loved meeting some new doodle friends and really enjoyed getting wet and dirty in the puddles ( typical doodle I think! lol )

Jelly a bit dirty, but very happy

Is that nice mum?

Mum! I think I got a little mucky

It's very exhausting meeting new friends, here's Jelly cuddled up with Sadie after they got home.

Cass, Sadie and Jelly, you can definately see they are related 1st April 2010

Watch out Sadie, Jelly's going to catch you!

Jelly doing a flying leap over Sadie

I'm sitting nicely, where's my treat lol (3rd April 2010)

What a pretty model she is (4th April 2010)

Happy Easter from Jelly

Trying to catch mum!

Ready, Steady, Go!

Jelly likes playing with the ball

8th April 2010

Jelly and Sadie had a great time yesterday, they met up with their sister Brandy, they all enjoyed play fighting and there was plenty of chasing each other going on. 

Lets chase Jelly!

Where have they all gone?

More play fighting lol

10th April 2010

Jelly, Sadie and Cass enjoyed going on another doodle meet again today, the weather was beautiful and they had a great time. Even though it was dry, they had no problem finding some lovely mucky/smelly puddles to jump about in lol

Here's Jelly, ready for take off! 

Come on! Hurry up you lot

She might be filthy and smelly after her walk, but she is still adorable, guess who is having a bath?

5 Months old

Weight 18kg

Height 21 inches

11th April 2010

It has been lovely weather the last few days, so both Jelly and Sadie have been able to enjoy some fun in the garden.

Here's Jelly and Sadie really enjoying a chew treat

Anyone fancy a game of football?

15th April 2010

We were all very sorry to see Jelly go home, I also think Sadie missed her buddy to do the doodle dash with around the garden each morning before breakfast. We would be happy to have

Jelly back anytime, both Cass and Sadie really enjoyed having her here.

Happy 1st Birthday

14 Months old


22nd December 2010

We are delighted to have Jelly staying with us again, she is staying with us over Christmas, so the boys will have another doodle willing to help them open their presents lol She has settled right in and made herself very much at home straight away. They are all having such a great time playing in the snow that we have at the moment.

Jelly has settled right back in

Making herself very much at home lol

Here is the lovely Jelly

29th December 2010

Jelly went home today, it was lovely having her here, she is such a good girl. Sadie and Jelly loved all the snow we had and they both never

stopped running around and play fighting together from the beginning

of their walks to the end.

There they go!

I think Jelly is about to get bounced on by Sadie

Jelly loves the snow

16th August 2011

22 Months old

We are delighted to have Jelly back to stay for her holidays. She is looking very smart, with her lovely new haircut, she feels so soft. Along with Cass and Sadie to play with, she also has Muffin and Mandy to keep her busy as well.

Jelly settling in

18th August 2011

Jelly has settled in and is making herself at home, she is such a sweetie, she is so delighted to see everyone in the morning and just like Sadie she has to go and get a toy to greet you with lol She has taken a liking to Sadie's Mr Fox and enjoys playing tug of war with it.

Jelly and her favourite toy ( Mr Fox )

Sadie, Jelly and a dead Mr Fox I think lol

22nd August 2011

Jelly is an absolute delight to have stay, she is such a good girl and so well behaved. She is completely ball mad and loves nothing better than to chase it.

We throw it 2-3 times for her, then she is quite happy to do the rest of the walk just sucking it to death ( definitely takes after her mother in that department )

There she goes with her ball

Having a rest and showing off her big tongue!

Exploring with mum 

Jelly is quite happy carrying her ball around the park

Jelly is such a pretty girl

28th August 2011

We are very sorry to think that Jelly will be going home again in a few days time, she fits in so well here when she comes to stay and she has a certain way of looking at you, that just makes you melt lol

Here she comes, ball in her mouth as usual lol

She is always such a good girl on our walks

Off they go, I wonder who is going to get the ball first

Jelly has enjoyed spending time with her younger brother Mac

30th August 2011

We were very sorry to see Jelly go home again, we absolutely loved having her here with us as she was such a pleasure to look after. It seemed very strange on our walk today in the park without her going bonkers for the ball lol

Here she is with Sadie and Mac

Watch out Jelly, here comes Mac, Sadie and Cass

As you can see, she felt very much at home lol

14th October 2015

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