Ruby - Molly

 Molly The Labradoodle


22nd August 2016

Ruby now known as Molly 

Ruby was an absolutely stunning looking puppy, she loved her cuddles and was a very clever little girl. She worked out how to open the latch on the puppy pen and delighted in letting everyone else out.

Ruby @ 5 days old

Ruby @ 3 weeks old

Ruby @ 6 weeks old

Ruby @ 8 weeks old

Weight 3.9kg

11th April 2015

8 weeks old

Ruby has now gone to live with her lovely new family in Kent and is now going to be known as Molly. I'm sure she will have a great time as when she is older she can have some lovely walks on the beach.

Having a rest after all the excitement of going to her new home

Not sure how long she's going to fit under there!

Well it certainly looks like she has made herself very much at home.

How cute is she

Molly @ 9 weeks old

Bath Time

Molly and her ball

Molly @ 10 weeks old

Molly @ 11 weeks

Molly @ 12 weeks

Molly @ 19 weeks

Molly @ 20 weeks old

Molly is now 5 Months old

What an absolute cutie

Having fun on the beach

Molly looks the absolute image of her mum Rosie

Molly @ 5 months old

Molly @ 23 weeks

Modelling her very pretty pink bow

I'm ready for the park, how about you?

Cream with black paws, that looks so familiar!

Molly is now 8 months old

Molly loves her ball

What an absolutely stunning girl Molly is

13 Months Old

It was so lovely to have Molly come and spend the day with us, she is such a gorgeous girl and it was fantastic to have cuddles with her again. She is the absolute image of her mum Rosie.

Looking so much like her mum

Making herself very much at home

R to L - Molly with her mum Rosie, her granny Sadie and her great granny Cass

Molly was so excited to see the boys again, here she is saying hello to David

How cute

Easter 2016


Let's have a cuddle


Time for a snooze I think


Blending in nicely


Need a rest after all that pampering, such a lovely new haircut


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