Tia - Lexie ( OP )


 Lexie The Labradoodle


21ST AUGUST 2017

Tia now know as Lexie

Tia was full of character and loved to play fight with her litter mates. She also loved her food and very quickly got the hang of going on the puppy mat to do her

wee, she was a very cleve girl.

Tia @ 6 days old

Tia @ 4 weeks old

Tia @ 6 weeks old

8 Weeks old

Tia went to her new home in Hertfordshire on the 20th of March 2011 and she is now going to be known as Lexie.

Settling into her new home

Looking very relaxed

Lexie in the bluebells

I think Lexie likes pringles lol

What a pretty girl

Relaxing in the bluebells

Looking so pretty after her brush

Looking this pretty is hard work!

Do you like my bow?

4 Months Old

Weight 14.4kg

5 Months Old

Weight 19kg

Height 20.9 inches

Lexie's all set for christmas

11 Months old

Doodles always seem to find the best seats in the house

20th January 2012

Lexie is now 1 year old

A new model in the making

Lexie blending in nicely

Relaxing time

1st July 2012

It is lovely to have Lexie here for her holidays, she is a real sweetheart and is cuddled up beside me on the sofa as I type lol She had a great time this morning

on our walk, charging through the long grass with Cass and Sadie, mind you they all

came back pretty wet looking! They spent the rest of the day relaxing and drying

off in the garden.

Pretty girls - Sadie and Lexie

Here's Lexie

Sadie, Lexie and Cass 

7th July 2012

Lexie has certainly made herself at home, she is having a great time with Cass and Sadie, they are definitely all tired out every time they come back from the park,

as all they do while they are there is chase each other and lots of play fighting. Lexie is such a happy girl and just loves to give everyone cuddles and licks, especially Daniel, as soon as she sees him on the sofa, she is up beside him for cuddles lol

Big smiles from both

Cuddle time with Daniel

12th July 2012

Lexie went home today and I must say we will really miss her as she is such a lovely girl and she has been so good. Cass and Sadie have loved having her her and they

have absolutely loved chasing each other through all the long grass in the park.

On the run again

Here they go again!

What's Daniel doing up there?

Can you see me?

Happy Doodles - Cass, Sadie and Lexie

As you can see, Lexie is very much at home here

27th January 2014

It's lovely to see Lexie again, she is enjoying her time back with the girls, especially Rosie. Our walk today

consisted of Lexie and Rosie just non stop running after each other, they had a great time and are now completely flat out!

There they go!

Lexie having fun

Still lots more running to do

Lexie is such a lovely girl

Relaxing with Rosie

Lexie made herself very much at home

2nd February 2014

We hope Lexie isn't missing the girls too much, it was lovely having her here, she is such a good girl.

We look forward to seeing her again soon, as she is welcome back anytime.

20th January 2016

Lexie is now 5 years old

29th May 2016

It's lovely to see Lexie again, she's come for a visit for the weekend. As before she is so good and is enjoying spending time with the girls.

What a pretty girl

Making herself completely at home already

Time for some fun in the park

Lexie with Sadie and Rosie

Having lots of fun with her sister Sadie

21st August 2017

As always it's lovely to see Lexie, who came to stay for the weekend. She is such a good girl, we love having her here.


So pretty


Park Time


Time to relax with Eddie

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