Bonzer - Ozzy ( 0P )

 Ozzy the Labradoodle



Bonzer now known as Ozzy

Bonzer was an absolute stunner and was a real sweetheart, he was very laid back and always loved to watch what was happening around him.

Bonzer @ 1 week old 

Bonzer @ 4 weeks old

Bonzer @ 6 weeks old

Bonzer @ 8 weeks old

Weight 3.5kg

Bonzer went to his new home in Milton Keynes on the 23rd November 2012 and is now going to be known as Ozzy. We are delighted to say that he is going to be

lieving with his uncle Alfie and his family.

Ozzy, his first night in his new home 

Looking very settled

Ozzy very happy with some new toys to play with

Cuddle time for Ozzy and his uncle Alfie

Ozzy enjoying his 1st Christmas in his new home

The gorgeous Ozzy and his handsome uncle Alfie

Waiting for Santa Claus

What good boys

Is this my present?

Do you think this bed is big enough for two?

Guess who's just had a bath!

Not sure he's happy about having that bath

The best of friends

6 Months old

Weight 15kg

Height 18 inches

I give up, I give up!

Wake up Alfie, it's time to play!

Ozzy beating up Alfie

Ozzy and Alfie have a great time together

1st June 2013

It's so lovely to see Ozzy again, it is great to have him back for his holiday with his uncle Alfie. He was absolutely delighted to see our boys and spends lots of time giving Daniel plenty of doodle kisses. The whole gang are of course having a wonderful time in the park and all come back completely exhausted from their walks and then it's sleep time for the rest of the day.

Here's Ozzy with his sister Rosie

I think your going the wrong way Ozzy!

I've missed you Daniel!

Look what I've found

9th June 2013

It's been so lovely having Ozzy back for his holidays, he has been so good and is such a sweetie, he loves his cuddles and has had a great

time with Rosie. They absolutely loved their time in the park and from start to finish of our walks is non stop running.

Ozzy flying high!

Ozzy being kept an eye on by his mum

To me, To you! 

You go that way mum, I'll go this way 

Kisses time for Daniel, Ozzy has loved his time with the boys

31st December 2013

It's great having Ozzy back again along with Alfie, he is absolutely gorgeous, he was very happy to see everyone and off course that meant Daniel got lots of doodle kisses!

Hello Daniel, have you missed me?

Relaxing with David and the rest of the gang

Ozzy very much at home with his best friend

Here's Ozzy with his mummy Sadie

4th January 2014

It was lovely having Ozzy here for a few days, he absolutely loved Rosie, they got on so well together. They were usually found cuddled up to each other on the sofa.

Here are the 2 mischief makers!

Look Daniel, I'm nearly as tall as you! 

It's a tough life being a doodle

Ozzy was 2 years old on the 27th September 2014

4th October 2015

The girls were so excited to see Ozzy and Alfie come to stay. They always have such a good time, Rosie and Ozzy get on especially well, two mischief makers together lol

Here comes Ozzy

Ozzy having a great time with the gang

Time to relax after all that running around!

Ozzy is now 3 years old


These two are the best of friends


Ozzy and Rosie having a rest after some playtime in the garden


Ozzy is such a cutie


Ozzy is always such a good boy when he is here.

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