Toffee - Bonny ( 0P )

 Bonny The Labradoodle


now know as Bonny

Toffee was such a little character and although she may not have been the biggest out of the litter, she was certainly not a push over. She loved showing all the

others that she was boss lol

Toffee @ 3 weeks old ( a little camera shy )

Toffee @ 5 weeks old

Toffee @ 7 weeks old ( changing so much )

Toffee went to her new home in London on the 13th December 2010 and is now going to be known as Bonny.

10 weeks old

Look at that cute tongue

Toffee's 1st Christmas in her new home. 

As you can see, she certainly has settled in.

Having fun in the snow

5 Months old

Weight 16kg

Height 19.5 inches

11th June 2010

We are delighted to have Bonny staying with us for the weekend, it is so lovely to see her again. Sadie was so excited to see her sister again, they had a fantastic time in the park, when they went for their walk in the evening. Bonny has had her first haircut and looks lovely, she settled in very well and both her and Sadie spent the rest of the evening fast asleep after all the running and chasing they done in the park.

Here comes Bonny

Bonny, Sadie and Cass

Sadie and Bonny, who are now almost 8 months old

I've made a new friend already!

I'm sure Bonny is about to take off!

The after effects of a good walk, 2 happy and tired doodles and lots of dribble lol

8 Months old

14th June 2010

It had been so lovely seeing Bonny again, she was such a star and is welcome back to stay anytime. I think Bonny also enjoyed meeting up with her

other sister Poppy who also stayed with us for the weekend.

Bonny loved running through the long grass

I'm sure Bonny thinks she can fly!

A very tired but happy Bonny!

7th July 2010

It is lovely having Bonny staying with us again, she is here for 2 weeks while her owners are on holiday. Off course Sadie was absolutely delighted to see her sister again and after a manic 10 minutes of playfighting, peace resumed again lol Her coat is growing quickly and has a

lovely wave to it, her face is so much like Cass.

Here's Bonny enjoying a carrot 

Bonny is the image of Cass

Bonny with her mum, Cass

17th July 2010

Bonny is having a great time staying here with her mum and sister, I think she feels very much at home and can usually be found stretch out legs in the

air, fast asleep in Sadie's crate lol

Making herself very much at home lol

Here's Bonny with her partner in crime, her sister Sadie lol

Having fun in the park

Bonny 17th July 2010

9 Months old

29th July 2010

It has been lovely having Bonny to stay, she ended up staying an extra few days with us, due to a strike with the airline so her owners ended up having to stay longer. We were delighted to have her here longer,

it is so lovely when the pups come back to see us. I hope she dosesn't miss her mum and sister too much when she goes home, we look forward to seeing Bonny again soon.

Ready for take off!

Look at the lenght of that tongue lol 

Bonny is looking more and more like her mum everytime we see her.

Here's Bonny with her mum Cass, getting hard to tell them apart!

Happy 1st Birthday

Bonny looking so much like her mum

12th December 2010

20 Months Old

Bonny having a walk in Hampstead Heath

After having a dip to cool off

Enjoying a swim with some friends

14th October 2011

Bonny is now 2 years old

Look what I've found

Bonny is now 3 years old

Ball! What Ball?

The lovely Bonny

Bonny looks so much like her mum

14th October 2015

Bonny is now 6 years old © 2003 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use