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  Custard The Labradoodle




Whiskey Now known as Custard

Whiskey was such a character and absolutely loved trying to beat her brothers and sisters up! She also loved to practise her barking, she had quite a few crinkles in her coat

from the beginning, so we will be interested to see how she turns out.

Whiskey @ 6 days old

Whiskey @ 4 weeks old

Whiskey @ 6 weeks old

8 Weeks old

Whiskey went to her new home in Hemel Hempstead on the 19th of March 2011, she is now going to be known as Custard, I'm sure she will have

a great time with her new family.

Settling into her new home and showing off her lovely new pink collar

Enjoying her new garden

Custard relaxing in the bluebells

4 Months Old

Weight 15.3kg

Custard, looking stunning 

5 Months old

She is getting such a big girl

20th January 2012

Custard is now 1 year old

Custard at Chipperfield Common

Having a great time

Custard showing off her big smile

Here she comes

Custard looking very happy

Custard looking very pretty after her new haircut

Enjoying the sunshine

Custard flying high

The beautiful Custard in a wonderful field of poppies

Looking very comfy

Custard doing a bit of sunbathing

18th August 2012

20 Months Old

Super doodle!

Soaking up the sun

Happy 3rd Birthday Custard

What a stunning girl she has turned into

Will this rain ever stop!

Keeping her eye on the ball!


Custard sitting pretty in the daisy's


Custard is now 3.5 years old


Custard has turned into such a stunning girl

Custard is now 5 years old

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