Boomer - Dylan ( 0P )

 Dylan the Labradoodle


29th September 2017

Boomer now known as Dylan

Boomer was one of the biggest, but such a gentle giant lol He was also one of the most playful right from

the beginning and loved having his baths. He had a

stunning dark apricot curly coat.

Boomer @ 1 week old 

Boomer @ 4 weeks old

Boomer @ 6 weeks old

Boomer @ 8 weeks old Weight 3.6kg

Boomer went to his new home in Brighton on the 4th December 2012 and is going to be known as Dylan. I'm sure he will have

a great time having walks on the beach with his lovely new family and a lovely new doodle friend to have fun with.

Settling in on his first night in his new home

Dylan and his gorgeous big sister Roxy 

Dylan getting to know Roxy

Exploring his new garden

Dylan's 1st walk on the beach @ 11 weeks old

12 Weeks old

Weight 7.7kg

Dylan looking very happy

Dylan enjoying his 1st Christmas in his new home

Santa's little helper

Dylan's getting a big boy  

Weight 8.2kg

Dylan has certainly grown

5 Months old

Weight 14.1kg

Looking so handsome

Showing off his lovely BIG paws

6 Months Old

Weight 16.3kg

Dylan and Roxy relaxing

Having fun in the snow

What makes you think we've been sticking our noses in the snow?

Dylan looking gorgeous

6 months old

It's so tiring being this gorgeous

7 Months Old

Look how big I'm getting

8 Months Old

Relaxing with Roxy in the garden

Mum! he wants to play again 

9 Months Old

Wait for me!

Showing off his lovely new haircut

Looking very cheeky

12 Months Old

Dylan with his best friend Roxy 

Happy 1st Birthday Dylan

Looking very relaxed

Having a rest with Roxy

About to pounce

Just look at those ears!

Dylan was 2 years old on the 27th September 2014

Dylan has grown into such a handsome looking fellow

Relax time with Roxy

Enjoying the snow

Happy 3rd Birthday Dylan

Dylan is now 3 years old

Why not have a pint, I am on holiday after all!

Best Pals

Ready to play

Dylan and Roxy having a great time in Devon on their holidays

Such a handsome boy

They love the water

Lots to explore

Such a cute pair


Dylan enjoying the beach on a recent holiday to Wales


So lovely


Dylan and Roxy enjoying the sunshine


Ready, Steady, Go!


Looks like they found a new friend

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