Brandy - Mandy ( 0P )

Mandy The Labradoodle


13TH APRIL 2017

Brandy Now Known as Mandy

Brandy was full of life and enjoyed running about with her brothers and sisters. She also loved to try and play with Stretch, although he was not impressed lol She always loved to see everyone and you were greeted with lots of tail wagging.

Brandy @ 6 days old

Brandy @ 4 weeks old

Brandy @ 6 week's old

9 weeks old

Brandy stayed with us a while longer, until her new family were able to collect her, which was lovely, especially as the weather has been so nice, she loved spending time in the garden with her mum and sister.

Brandy enjoying the sunshine

Relax time

Here she is, trying to beat up her mum!

Brandy went to her new home in High Wycombe on the 25th of March 2011 and is now going to be known as Mandy

Settling into her new home

13 Weeks old

Looking very pretty

How could you resist that cute face

Mandy having a cuddle with her teddy

She is getting very big

What a pretty girl she is turning into

5 Months old

Weight 18.25kg

6 Months old

Weight 21kg

Height 21.5 inches

5th August 2011

We are delighted to have Mandy come to stay for her holidays, she has turned into a lovely looking girl and is certainly getting very big. She is being very well behaved and is enjoying spending time with her mum and sisters. She loves playing chase with everyone in the park.

Lots of new smells to explore

Here she is playing chase with Sadie

Mandy loves exploring the woods

Another interesting smell to explore

Wait for me everyone!

Mandy with her mum Cass and sister Sadie

8th August 2011

Mandy is having a great time being back with her mum and sisters, she is being very good and has a great time on our walks. She spends most of her time investigating new smells and playing chase with Sadie and the rest of the gang. 

Here she comes, all ready to explore 

Something else to investigate

Ready for playtime with her sister Muffin

18th August

Mandy went home today, I'm sure she really enjoyed spending time with her mum and sister's, hopefully she won't miss them too much. 

Mandy making sure she has one last playfight with Muffin before she goes home.

Mandy and her big sister Muffin

Showing off her lovely long eyelashes

20th January 2012

Mandy is now 1 year old

What a lovely girl she has turned into

Mandy is now 3 years old

Such a pretty girl

Here's Mandy with her agility friends, Finn the Collie, Max the Labrador and Maya the Samoyed.

Mandy is now 4 years old

Having fun in the park

Here's Mandy looking very much like her mum

Looking very happy

Mandy is now 5 years old


Mandy looking lovely

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