Bud - Mac ( OP )


  Mac The Labradoodle



Bud now known as Mac

Bud was a happy little puppy and loved lots of fuss, once he was old enough he absolutely loved going out in the garden, his favourite spot to sit was at the end of our slide.

Bud @ 6 day's old

Bud @ 4 week's old  

Bud @ 6 weeks old


9 Weeks old

Bud stayed with us a while longer before his owners could collect him, he loved being out in the garden with Cass and Sadie and was doing

very well with his toilet training.

Bud enjoying the sunshine in our garden

Playtime with mum and big sister

Time for a rest after all that playing 

Bud went to his new home in Milton Keynes on the 26th of March 2011, he is now going to be known as Mac, I'm sure he will have a great time

with his new family.

10 Weeks old

I'm just too cute for words...

You pick on me and I'll set my friend on you! 

Mac just chilling

11 Weeks old

Weight 8.3kg

What a big boy Mac is getting

14 Weeks old

Weight 13.8kg

Mac enjoying his walks

Mac looking so cute

17 Weeks old

Weight 18.15kg

Is it dinner time yet?

Mac meets up with his big brother Milo 

5 Months old

Weight 21.3kg

Out and about on his walk

Only the very best spots to sit for a doodle

Just after the groomers, now I wonder how long that clean look will last?

28th August 2011

We are delighted to have Mac staying for his holidays, he has certainly got a big boy. He is being a very good boy and is excellent on his walks, he loves being

in the park with the girls.

Here he comes!

Where have they all gone?

I found you!

Here's Mac with Jelly and Cass

Mac is such a good boy

Come on Jelly, let's go and play

Mac has turned into a real sweetie

5th September 2011

We have had a lovely time with Mac and were very sorry to see him go home today. He has been a pleasure to have stay and he is such a big softie who

loves his cuddles.

What a handsome fella

Mac did love to play with Mr Fox 

Mac's favourite time of the day

Mac and his mum

Mac on the run

Mac in a mac, or should I say a "Double Mac"

8th January 2012

It's lovely to have Mac back to stay with us again, he is so sweet and an absolute delight to have here. He just came in and has made himself completely at home lol  Off course Cass and Sadie are delighted to have another mad doodle to play chase with in the park.

Ready, Steady, Go! 

What a handsome doodle, Mac has turned into 

Come on Mac! Stick em up

Mac with his mum and sister

13th January 2012

Mac is certainly enjoying himself with Cass, Sadie and the boys, it dosen't seem as if we have another doodle here as he is such a part of the family and just fits in with whatever we are doing.

Daniel with the gang

Mac and Sadie looking very relaxed 

Big Mac 

15th January 2012

We hope Mac has settled back in at home again, it was lovely having him here. He had a great game of chase with Sadie in the park this morning, it was a lovely frosty morning so for once they didn't come home too dirty lol 

On the chase

Caught you!

Mac on the run

Mac enjoying the frosty weather

20th January 2012

1 Year old

Happy 1st Birthday

18th August 2012

Mac's Back! and he seems to have gotten bigger everytime we see him. He enjoyed a little run in the park with the girls, but we didn't stay out for long as it was way too hot for them.

When we came back we put the big fan on and guess who made sure they got the best spot in front of it lol

Mac keeping cool

Look at that lovely big smile

Sadie and Mac

22nd August 2012

Mac is being such a good boy, you would not even know he's here, he fits right in. He loves going to the park and

especially going through the fields of long grass.

Really enjoying himself

There is always time for a game of chase with Sadie

Wheee, this is fun

You just know they are plotting something!

25th August 2012

Mac is loving his time with the girls and he was even happier yesterday when his other sister Poppy came to

stay. Mac absolutely loves Poppy, mind you he has

a hard time keeping up with her in the park, as she is

super fast, but he certainly has a good go.

Big Mac

Mac and his sister Poppy

Mac is such a happy chap

Come on everyone!

28th August 2012

As always Mac is being super good, he absolutely loves his older sister Poppy, who is also staying with us. They spend

most of their time playing chase in the park and then

collaspe and sleep for the rest of the day.

I'm gonna catch you! 

Mac has also made lots of other friends

Sadie, Cass and Mac

CRASH! Sometimes they just go too fast to stop

About to trip over that tongue of his

8th September 2012

It's always sad to see Mac go home, as we love having him here, hopefully he won't be missing his mum

and sister too much and we look forward to his next visit.

Come on everyone! we have woods to explore

Are you sure that's big enough? 

6th January 2013

We are delighted Mac's back with us again, he is such a sweetie and never any bother. He is having a great time

getting mucky with the girls!


Here's Mac playing chase with Rosie

Something is interesting in there!

Mac also found a new friend to play with

14th January 2013

Mac has now gone home again, I think he had a good time with the girls and his older brother Ozzy. We look forward to having him

back again soon.

Mac loves his sister Sadie 

Here are the gang

Mac, Cass, Sadie and Ozzy

19th March 2013

Mac came to stay for a few days, as always it's lovely to see him. He loves spending time with the girls and they all

love getting covered in muck in the park.

Mac with Rosie and Sadie

Mac, Rosie, Cass and Sadie

Cass, Sadie and Mac

Little and Large

Rosie and Mac

19th July 2013

Mac's back for a long weekend with us, as always we love having him here and of course the girls are delighted to see him.

What you doing mum?

Mac and his sister Sadie

The gang having fun

Mac is such a sweetie

Mac, Rosie and Cass

Mac and Rosie had a great time together

Mac showing Rosie how to do the doodle bounce

31st August 2013

Mac's here for the weekend and as always he is SO good, this time he has also got to meet his nephew Acer who is staying with us.

They have all just come back from the park and have been asleep since!

Here comes Mac!

Mac always has fun in the park

Mac and his nephew Acer

12th January 2014

As always it's so lovely to see Mac again, the girls were delighted to see him and of course Rosie was in her element.

A new friend to play with, what could be better!

Here's Mac and Rosie

Wait for me Sadie!  

Having fun with the girls

Click on the YouTube link to see Mac and Rosie having fun

9th August 2014

Mac's back! we love having Mac come to stay for his holidays, he just fits in as if he has never been away. They all had a great time in the

park this morning and are now all fast asleep.

Just look at that gorgeous face

Come on mum, lets go!

Chase time with Sadie

I didn't know Mac could fly!

Enjoying their walk

Sadie, Mac and Rosie

22nd August 2014

Mac is enjoying his time with the girls, they all had a great day on Tuesday when we all went to the seaside for the day. They never stopped running and swimming in the sea and were completely exhausted afterwards.

Lots of beautiful beach to explore

Mac and Sadie enjoying the water

Mac, Sadie and their mum Cass

Here comes Mac and Rosie

Easter 2016

As always it's lovely to have Mac come to visit, the girls love to see him coming and always have such a good time with him.

He's such a cutie

Going for a walk with his sister Sadie and his mum Cass

Rosie and her big uncle Mac

A new friend to play with

Mac is now 6 years old

2nd September 2017


It's always lovely to have Mac come and visit


Mac also got to meet Ren, they had a great time together


Relaxing with his sister Sadie


Look at these cuties, Daisy with her great uncle Mac

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