Butterscotch - Jess ( 0P )


Jess The Labradoodle



Butterscotch now know as Jess

Butterscotch loved to play with her brothers and sisters and loved the sound of her own bark lol She was very sweet and loved cuddles.

Butterscotch @ 3 weeks old

Butterscotch @ 5 weeks old

Butterscotch @ 7 Weeks old, such a cheeky face

Butterscotch went to her new home in Bedford on the 12th December 2010 and is now going to be known as Jess.

Settling into her new home

Jess's 1st Christmas in her new home

Looking very much at home

Ready for the big wide world

Jess is getting very big

5 Months old

What a big girl she is getting

Looking very much like her mum

Looking like a big cuddly bear lol (25th March 2010)

Enjoying her walks

5 Months old

Weight 22kg

Height 21 inches

6th September 2010

Jess is now 10 months old and is a very big girl, we are delighted to have her to stay with us for 2 weeks while her owners are away on holiday. Sadie absolutely loves having her sister here and I'm sure they will find plenty of trouble to get into.

Here is the lovely Jess

Here is Jess with her sister Sadie and her mum Cass

21st September 2010

Jess has gone home today, it was so lovely having her here to stay. She and Sadie got on so well together, I'm sure Sadie

will miss having her playmate to rough and tumble with.

Jess has such a lovely nature and absolutely loves everyone

she meets and she also loves to come up on your lap for a cuddle.

Sadie, Jess and Cass taking a snooze

Jess enjoying her run in the park

Watch out Jess!

I think Sadie is about to bundle you.

Here comes Jess! 

Jess is such a pretty girl 

Sadie with her sister Jess, all tired out after their bounce around the park.

Playtime with mum

Oh dear I think Sadie has been teaching Jess some bad habits lol

11th June 2011

We are delighted to have Jess back to stay as she is such a lovely girl. Sadie was delighted to see her sister again and they have

had a great time this afternoon in the garden.

Here are the gang - Cass, Jess and Sadie

Jess is so much like Cass

Sadie and Jess getting ready to play

21st June 2011

It was so lovely having Jess stay with us for a few days, she is such a good girl and is so easy to look after. She had a great time playing with Cass and Sadie in the park. She is welcome back anytime as she is such a pleasure to have here.

Here comes Jess, followed by Cass

Getting a kiss from Sadie lol

As well as Cass and Sadie to play with, Jess also found another friend that wanted to play.

Jess, now 20 months old

Jess loved exploring the woods

Off they go in search of fun and maybe mischief!

13th September 2011

Jess has come to stay again and she is definately very much a part of the family, it's as if she has never been away. She is always such a good girl and is so well behaved, I'm sure she will have a great time over the next 2 weeks with Cass and Sadie.

Here's Jess showing off her pigtails, we couldn't see her lovely eyes.

18th September 2011

We are having a lovely time with Jess, she was very good this afternoon watching the boys play football, although I know Jess, Cass and Sadie would have loved to join in the game, mind you I don't think the team would have appreciated 3 doodles invading the pitch lol

Jess enjoying her early morning run in the park

Showing off her cheeky grin

Cass, Sadie and Jess, enjoying the sunshine

28th September 2011

We shall miss Jess terribly when she goes home tomorrow, she is without a doubt completely part of the family and we love having her here. Cass, Sadie and Jess are enjoying the unusual warm weather we are having at the moment, mind you so are we, coming home from the park with dry, clean doodles is much better than 3 wet, dirty and smelly doodles lol 

Give us a kiss Jess

Posing again lol

Having fun with mum 

That's the life!

Mum relaxing, while the young ones play

You smell that tree, I'll smell this one

It's a good job Goldilocks didn't meet this lot lol 

14th October 2011

Jess is now 2 years old

13th September 2012

Jess has come back to stay for her holidays and as always she fits in as if she has never been away. She had some fun in

the park this afternoon and then back to relax in the garden.

The lovely Jess

Sadie and Jess, always smiling

20th September 2012

Jess is having a great time with the girls, they just love their walks in the park and they all get on so well together.

Jess showing off her beautiful long coat

Chase Time

Jess, Cass and Sadie

Having lots of fun

Here I come!

Jess is such a sweetie

28th September 2012

It was lovely having Jess here to stay and as always she was such a good girl and is welcome back anytime.

11th September 2013

It's great to see Jess back, as always she is as gorgeous as ever, the girls were absolutely delighted to see her again.

So off to the park we go to have some fun.

Jess looking as lovely as ever

Here's Jess with her mum Cass

Settling back in, very happy now she's found the toy box

Jess smiling as always

Jess with her sister Sadie

All having fun

Jess loves trying to catch Rosie, although she hasn't caught her yet!

All ready for home and possibly bed after all that running around.

Here's Jess doing a bit of modelling with Sadie

Jess has had puppies

Jess's Hip Score Results

Hips- 3-5

Elbows 0-0

Current Clear Eye Test


Jess's lovely new arrivals

Congratulations to Jess and her lovely owners on their litter of puppies, 5 boys and 3 girls

Puppies 2 weeks old

How sweet

It's tiring being this cute


All Jess's puppies have now gone to their new homes

30th August 2014

We had a great day on Wednesday when we met up for a walk with Jess and her lovely owners and also Jess's son Simba from her first litter. The girls loved

seeing Jess again and they all had a great time exploring and getting dirty.

Jess looking as gorgeous as ever

Playtime with her sister Sadie

This is the gorgeous Simba, who is Jess's son, now 9 months old

Simba is such a handsome boy

The gang having fun

12th October 2014

It's lovely to see Jess back again, the girls are always so happy to see her, they have already had a great time running around the park.

Now everyone is fast asleep, I have Cass and Jess sound asleep by

my feet and Sadie and Rosie cuddled up next to me on the couch,

what could be better.

Here's Jess

Having fun

Wait for me!

Off they go

Jess looks very happy to be back

14th October 2017

Jess is now 8 years old


It's always so nice to have Jess come to visit


Daisy wondering if she'll be as big as Simba one day!


Daniel is been kept busy giving Simba lots of cuddles

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